GLOW renewed for a third season, will take the show on the road


It seemed like a pretty sure thing, but given Netflix’s history of cancelling shows in batches with little warning (particularly shows that spend a decent amount on, say, period detail), we were nervously hopeful that GLOW would keep on. After all, anybody who caught the show’s terrific second season would say that there’s nowhere to go but up for the series, which found a much stronger footing as a dramedy with its emphasis on the drama. Given the season’s wide-open conclusion, it’s reassuring to get the news that Netflix has officially renewed the series for a third season. The third season will (mild spoiler alert) see the women of GLOW take the show out of seedy ’80s Los Angeles and on to a nightly revue in Las Vegas. Ruth (Alison Brie) and Debbie (Betty Gilpin) remain a complicated pairing, Sam (Marc Maron) will look forward to continuing his reparation into a less bottom-feeding kind of filmmaker, and the show will presumably get the kind of facelift that’ll make it bigger than ever before.

We’re sure those 10 Emmy nominations didn’t hurt, but all the same, we’re beyond thrilled to see the show return. In a TV landscape so entrenched in prestige-chasing, aggressively grim series, GLOW has wound up being a pleasant counterpoint to so many of them even when it explores heavier material. Season three doesn’t yet have an airdate, but particularly if the show turns up strong at the Emmys next month, we wouldn’t be surprised if some news emerges about that sooner than later

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Además de ser la musa de Tim Burton por varios años, Winona Ryder también es conocida por su relación con el otro gran compañero inseparable de Burton, Johnny Depp. Sin embargo, en ningún momento se llegó a imaginar que la actriz tuviera algo que ver con Keanu Reeves, quien durante años ha mantenido su vida privada muy por debajo del radar… hasta ahora, que ambos revelaron en entrevista con Entertainment Weekly que se casaron durante la grabación de Drácula en 1992. 

La pareja protagonizó una de las mejores adaptaciones que han habido del libro de Bram Stroker, Drácula, la cual corrió a cargo de Francis Ford Coppola, y ahora, de nueva cuenta Winona y Keanu están a bordo de otro proyecto titulado Destination Wedding, cinta que se estrenará próximamente y motivo por el que ofrecieron dicha entrevista. 

“Realmente nos casamos en Drácula. No, lo juro por Dios, creo que sí estamos casados en la vida real. En esa escena, Francis (Ford Coppola), usó a un sacerdote rumano de verdad. Filmamos la ceremonia e hicimos todo el ritual. Así que creo que sí estamos casados”, platicó la actriz, mientras que el actor le preguntó: “¿Dijimos que sí?”, y ella respondió: “¿No te acuerdas de eso? Fue en San Valentín”, para que él concluyera: “Oh por Dios, estamos casados”. 

Pero esto no es todo, pues la noticia de la boda entre Winona Ryder y Keanu Reeves en Rumania 26 años atrás corrió como pólvora y, casi de manera inmediata, Francis Ford Coppola respondió a estas suposiciones confirmando que en efecto, la pareja de actores está casada. 

Según informa The Guardian, la historia va así: Después de concluir la filmación de la película, Coppola dijo que no estaba feliz con esa versión de la escena —la de la boda— y decidió “hacer una boda verdadera que fuera parte de esa religión —la cristiana apostólica ortodoxa— y que sería hermosa”. 

Después, Ford Coppola filmó la boda en una iglesia ortodoxa en Los Ángeles con un sacerdote real. Esto es muy auténtico y creo que es algo hermoso, porque nosotros realmente hicimos la ceremonia y tuvimos a un cura en la boda. Así que en cierto sentido, realmente lo hicimos, nos dimos cuenta de que Keanu y Winona realmente están casados como resultado de esa escena y esa ceremonia”. 

En la escena de Drácula, mientras Mina y Jonathan están casándose, la amiga de Mina, Lucy, se convierte en un vampiro después de que es mordida por Drácula. En ese momento, en el de la transformación, Winona y Keanu beben de un cáliz y bendicen su amor con un ramo de rosas blancas para luego besarse apasionadamente. Ninguno está hablando excepto el sacerdote, quien habla en rumano y no se entiende si está diciendo los nombres de Mina y Jonathan, o los verdaderos, Winona Ryder y Keanu Reeves. 

En cuanto a la pareja de actores, Destination Wedding es su cuarta película juntos. La primera fue Drácula (1992), seguida de A Scanner Darkly (2006), y The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (2009).

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Paramore Brought Out ‘Stranger Things’ Star Gaten Matarazzo at Barclays Center: Watch


Stranger things happened when Paramore played Barclays Center on Tuesday night.

The alt-rock outfit brought out Gaten Matarazzo, the child star who plays Dustin in the smash Netflix sci-fi series Stranger Things, and his sister Sabrina for a performance of 2007’s “Misery Business.”

Matarazzo, whose own band Work in Progress is known to cover the song at shows, joined in on harmonies in Brooklyn. According to sources on the scene, his vocals were on point.

The collaboration was months in the making. Back in January, Paramore singer Hayley Williams spotted Matarazzo’s rendition of “Miz Biz” and extended an open invitation for him to “crash the Paramore stage and thrash those luscious locks around.” That finally happened. “Thank you so much for letting us jam out with you guys,” he later tweeted.

Paramore are on the road in support of their latest album After Laughter, which peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard 200. Next up: Express Live in Columbus this Thursday night (June 28).

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Emilia Clarke teases details about her final on-screen scenes on Game Of Thrones


Game Of Thrones star Emilia Clarke has teased what her final filmed scenes as Daenerys Targaryen on Game Of Thrones will be like and her feelings about leaving the character.

As Game Of Thrones approaches its final season, Clarke spoke to Vanity Fair revealing that although she has a little more filming to do, she has shot her “final on-screen moments” as Danerys.

Read more: Here’s everything we know so far about Game Of Thrones season 8.

She said of the experience: “It fucked me up. Knowing that is going to be a lasting flavour in someone’s mouth of what Daenerys is…”

Clarke did confirm some widely theorised directions for her character as she spoke of “shooting for the first time with several of the show’s top stars, including Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) and Maisie Williams (Arya Stark)”

As well as mysteriously teasing Daenerys “doing all this weird shit – you’ll know what I mean when you see it.”

Daenerys Targaryen (Clarke) with Tyrion Lannister (Dinklage)

Game Of Thrones will conclude with its eighth season, due to air in 2019.

Star Maisie Williams recently said filming will end at the end of 2018. “We wrap in December and we air our first episode in April [2019],” she said.

Meanwhile, a new study has used an algorithm to attempt to predict who will die (as well as those most likely to survive and conquer) in the final season of Game Of Thrones.

Emilia Clarke can be seen playing a role in Solo: A Star Wars Story which is out today (May 25).

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Camila Cabello Tweets Health Update After Missing Taylor Swift Tour Date: ‘I Miss You Guys’


The “Havana” singer had to cancel opening for Taylor Swift in Seattle due to dehydration.

Being forced to take a sick day can be a serious bummer — especially in Camila Cabello’s case, for whom “sick day” means missing out on a night of supporting Taylor Swift on her Reputation Tour. The “Havana” singer tweeted a statement Monday (May 21) explaining that she had to be rushed to the hospital following her performance at the Billboard Music Awards the previous evening, citing dehydration and a low-grade fever that forced her to cancel her appearance at the Reputation Tour’s Seattle date.

Cabello was evidently bummed over having to skip the show, tweeting her regards to Swift and fellow Reputation opening act Charli XCX Tuesday night (May 22). “I miss you guys @taylorswift13 and @charli_xcx,” she said. “Gonna eat this soup and feel better and see you guys soon.”

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Ariana Grande Dominates the ‘Musical Genre Challenge’ on ‘The Tonight Show’: Watch


Resultado de imagen para ariana grande

If you know Ariana Grande, you know her impression game is on point. The singer returned to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night (May 1) to tackle another round of musical imitations with the “Musical Genre Challenge” segment.

Wearing a short pink skirt and tall gray boots to match her new silvery hair color, Grande sat back for the first round as host Jimmy Fallon performed a fast-paced Ska version of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You.” Grande, who seemed to once again have forgotten her contacts as she ran up to the prompter and squinted to read her song, was chosen to give a ‘90’s Goth Rock rendition of Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble.” Doing an uncanny impression of Evanescence’s Amy Lee, Grande nailed the track’s first verse.

“I don’t know why but I’m going again,” Fallon said as he made his second pick. “That was fantastic.” Grande’s second song was none other than Drake’s mega-hit “God’s Plan,” but in the style of ’90s diva. Of course, she crushed that with breathtaking accuracy as well.

Will Fallon ever defeat Grande in musical impressions? Probably not. Check out the segment below:

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Vocals For Days: Christina Aguilera Revisits The Hits On ‘Carpool Karaoke’


Christina Aguilera revisited some of her biggest hits and dropped some hot Mickey Mouse Club gossip during a segment of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. The 37-year-old agreed to keep the late night comedian company on his drive to work last night (April 23). On the way, they revisited her forever iconic LP Stripped with performances of anthems including “Fighter” and “Beautiful.” Delivering soaring vocals and just the right amount of nostalgia, Xtina paid tribute to her legacy while revisiting her debut release “Genie In A Bottle.”

Going back to the start, she and James talked about her days on Mickey Mouse Club with Britney SpearsJustin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling. “Oh my God, you’re going in,” the big-voiced diva giggled as the host asked the hard-hitting questions about who she had a crush on back then. She admitted that JT had “swag” and alluded to some drama between her and Brit over his attention. Meanwhile, Ryan apparently had a crush on the “Toxic” siren. Talk about a love circle that was made for the tabloids.

During a performance of “Dirrty,” Melissa McCarthy made a surprise appearance to deliver Redman’s featured rap. The Lotus flower contributed a song called “Feels So Good” to the actress’ forthcoming film, Life of the Party, so the cameo seems like the beginning of a promotional tour. Of course, Xtina proceeded to give Melissa and James diva lessons and showcased her extensive vocal range. In all, it was one of the more memorable Carpool Karaoke’s in recent memory.

Noticeable absent from the appearance was any mention of the icon’s imminent comeback. Reports suggest her caviar ratchet opus is on the way, but we are unsure when. Last time Legend X provided an update, she kept things to the point by promising “it’s coming bitches.”Eventually. Despite appearing as a guest judge on a recent episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race and delivering a stunning photoshoot for Paper, Xtina has remained tight-lipped about the project in favor of highlighting past achievements.

Anticipation is sky-high for the elusive CA8, but it looks like she is going to leave us guessing a little longer. While we wait, watch her segment up top!

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¡Will Smith revivió una vez más sus épicos días como príncipe del rap!


¿Quién no extraña al divertido personaje?

Will Smith y Jimmy Fallon dieron a los fanáticos un poco de nostalgia televisiva en el reciente episodio de The Tonight Show cantando una mezcla de canciones clásicas de series de TV.

El presentador y la estrella Men in Black fueron de regreso a la década de 1960 silbando la canción The Andy Griffith Show y cantando el opening de I Dream of Jeannie. También remezclaron algunos clásicos de los años 70 y 80, incluyendo los temas de Good Times, Los Supersónicos, Diff’rent StrokesThe Great American Hero y Tres son Compañía.

Por supuesto, incluyó algunos éxitos finales de los 80 y principios de los 90, como las canciones de The Golden Girls, Full House y Martin.

Pero el gran final fue cuando Smith revivió sus días de gloria televisiva y golpeó el tema principal de El Príncipe del Rap.


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Katy Perry Apparently Isn’t Done Shading Taylor Swift


It’s 2018, and Katy Perry still has beef with Taylor Swift. At least, that’s what it looks like.

During an American Idol audition, one contestant was asked who he looks up to as an artist. The exchange went as such:

“I’m sorry for this, Katy: Taylor Swift… I love Taylor Swift,” he said.

“Oh, you don’t have to be sorry,” Katy responded. “I love her as a songwriter as well,” capping it off with a shrug and smug smirk.

Was this shade or some clever editing? Maybe a little bit of both. Decide for yourself, below:

If you’ve been able to dodge the Swift-Perry drama for the past couple of years, here’s a refresher: The feud has been going on since 2014 and came to a head when both Witness and Reputation were released last year. There were hints—or, hopes—that the two had squashed their beef when rumors circled that Perry would appear in Swift’s “End Game.” Spoiler: she didn’t and now it looks like the drawn-out drama is going to continue.

This is one endgame with no end in sight.

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Justin Timberlake Pulls Out The Hits For His Super Bowl LII Halftime Show


Justin Timberlake worked his way through a hit-filled set during his performance for the Super Bowl LII Halftime Show tonight (February 4). Despite rumors of appearances from *NSYNC and Janet Jackson, he performed along and showcased slick choreography and strong vocals. Following an introduction from his close friend Jimmy Fallon, the crooner took over U.S. Bank Stadium to perform an explosive medley of songs.

Although the 37-year-old opened with a rousing rendition of his Man Of The Woodslead single, “Filthy,” underneath the stadium, he filled the rest of his 13-minute setlist with a collection of classic hits. He and a crew of male dancers delivered some slick moves to “Rock Your Body” as he took the field, and he included a chorus of “Senorita” before breaking out the roaring bass for “SexyBack.” He continued showing love to his FutureSex/LoveSounds era with a rousing rendition of “My Love” with the support of a full band.

That transitioned into his dramatic breakup ballad “Cry Me A River,” during which he showed off his sweet falsetto. JT added a quick dance break before inviting a marching band onstage for a suave “Suit & Tie” performance. He courted some controversy with a tribute to Prince during the evening’s mandatory ballad section. After taking the piano for his Beyonce collaboration, “Until the End Of Time,” he projected a video of the “Purple Rain” icon and sang along to “I Would Die 4 U” as the stadium turned purple.

The evening’s standout moment came during an anthemic rendition of “Mirrors” as a group of fans flooded the field with mirrors. This was easily the most impressive staging of his set, and it was followed by one last feel-good moment as Justin worked his way through the Max Martin-produced “Can’t Stop The Feeling.” Underneath a rainbow of lights he danced through the bleachers and paused to take pics with some lucky fans.

After the jaw-dropping spectacles delivered by the likes of Lady GagaKaty Perryand Beyonce in previous years, JT’s performance felt a little on the safe side. However, there is no denying that he brought the heat and showcased some of his biggest hits. Fans are undoubtedly flocking to pick up tickets to his Man Of The Woods Tour this summer right about now. Watch the full performance up top!

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