Madonna, la reina del Pop, acaba de estrenar un nuevo y controversial video. La cantante, quien recientemente está promocionando su nuevo álbum Madame X, lanzó el clip de Dark Ballet y la verdad es que está súper cool. Dark Ballet de Madonna es un video que habla sobre el poder de ser uno mismo y vestir cómo tu desees. Hasta ahora el clip ha causado mucha polémica por utilizar símbolosreligiosos, pero la realidad es que se ha convertido en uno de sus clips más clásicos, ya que combina la música setentera con una ondafuturista.

El nuevo intento musical de Katy


Katy Perry estrena hoy su nuevo single tras no haber obtenido números demasiado buenos con su sencillo de entretiempo con Zedd, ’365’. Su nuevo intento en solitario, si bien también está coproducido por Zedd, se llama ‘Never Really Over’ y se trata de una canción más fácil de encajar en el repertorio de ‘Prism’ e incluso ‘Teenage Dream’ que en el de ‘Witness’. De hecho, su puente no está tan lejano al que fue uno de sus mayores éxitos en aquella época, ‘Roar’.

La canción habla sobre no terminar de estar acabado o no terminar de haber acabado mientras el vídeo muestra a la cantante definitivamente tratando de buscarse a sí misma en un retiro a través de varias técnicas de relajación. La letra, de hecho, menciona una “terapia de hipnosis”. El videoclip no está exento de su humor infantiloide (ese plano con la cara aplastada contra un cristal) aunque por momentos parezcamos estar ante la Alanis de “Thank You, India”. Como sus fans se han apresurado a relatar, vuelve el pelo largo, que parece darle suerte en cuanto a éxito comercial.

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Cardi B Throws Gauntlet on Critics in New Song ‘Press’


Cardi B has released a new one-off single titled “Press.” Her point being: she doesn’t want it.

“Cardi don’t need more press,” she spits above thudding, foreboding bass and an orchestral score fit for a first-person shooter game. “Kill ’em all/Put them hoes to rest/Walk in, bulletproof vest!”

She first previewed the song on social media Wednesday, with a photo of a handcuffed Aileen Wuornos, the former sex worker-turned-vigilante serial killer. Cardi chased it with a photo of herself in the same cuffed pose, gritting her teeth from inside a courtroom. The final teaser revealed her stripped naked (with censor bars) and flanked by paparazzi outside the courtroom. Though she dropped Invasion of Privacy in 2018, she continues to wrestle with overexposure on “Press.”

The Grammy-winning rapper has gone through the ringer in the headlines, so to speak. As a relatively new mother, she’s been scrutinized for lavishing her a 10-month old daughter with diamonds; then once more after she eschewed a gym routine for cosmetic surgery (which she flaunts in the artwork for “Press”). But due to a grueling recovery process, she was forced to cancel several tour dates. “My job as an entertainer is a 24-hour job, bro,” she explained to her fans, to whom she issued an apology via Instagram. “So no I don’t have time to work out… I wanted specific things that I know that no matter how much I work out won’t get fixed… I’m cancelling millions of dollars in shows, but health is wealth so I have to do what I have to do.”

The new song follows her feature in DJ Khaled’s “Wish Wish,” in which she and 21 Savage exchange bars amid pyrotechnics and motocross daredevils. Cardi B will resume her tour Sunday, June 2nd at the HOT 97 Summer Jam in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

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Charli XCX estrena ‘Spicy’, su versión caribeña de ‘Wannabe’ junto a Diplo


Charli XCX ha querido celebrar el regreso de las Spice Girls a los escenarios con una versión de ‘Wannabe’, el mayor éxito de la girl band británica. Para tal menester ha llamado a sus colegas Diplo y Herve Pagez.

La canción es una bobada desde su mismo título hasta el hecho de que prescinde completamente de algunas de las partes más memorables de la composición original. De hecho, apenas se han mantenido las estrofas y la versión nueva tiene un ritmo caribeño y un estribillo instrumental en forma de “drop” que parece destruir literalmente el ‘Wannabe’ conocido por todos. En realidad, un vistazo a la portada del single, y a los visuales que se han realizado del tema para Spotify son suficientes para conformar que estamos ante una especie de canción-broma. El vídeo, estrenado minutos después, tiene como co-protagonistas a unos delfines humanoides que por momentos recuerdan a los clips del fenómeno Crazy Frog de los 00s. ¿Será un homenaje?

‘Spicy’ llega después que Charli apareciera, el pasado fin de semana, en el Big Weekend de BBC 1 para cantar ‘Wannabe’ junto a Miley Cyrus. Ambas actúan esta semana en el Primavera Sound de Barcelona. La autora de ‘Number 1 Angel’ ya había versionado el clásico de las Spice junto a Halsey en 2017. ‘Blame It on Your Love’, el reciente single de Charli con Lizzo, se publicaba hace unos días.

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A New Era Begins! Katy Perry Announces “Never Really Over”

It’s official! After weeks of speculation, Katy Perry has confirmed that her fifth album era will begin on May 31 with the arrival of “Never Really Over.” She unveiled the cover art on social media this morning (May 28) and it finds the pop star rocking a long, tangerine wig and matching make-up. There’s something warm and goddess-like about the 34-year-old’s orange-themed artwork, which will hopefully be reflected in the music. A snippet is yet to arrive, but those in the know are describing it as a throwback to big, Teenage Dream-era pop.

“Never Really Over” is Katy’s first solo release (excluding a one-off Christmas song and soundtrack contributions) in nearly two years. Of course, she has kept us fed in the meantime with a couple of features and the absurdly catchy “Con Calma” remix. The latter is still shooting up the charts and could result in the hitmaker enjoying two smash hits at once. It would be too dramatic to call this a comeback, but after the underperforming Witness era, Katy does have a point (or two) to prove. Check out the stunning cover below.

Are you excited for Katy’s new single? 

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Paris Hilton Teams Up With Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike On “B.F.A.”


13 long years have passed since Paris Hiltonrocked the pop world with her self-titled debut album, but I still haven’t given up hope on a followup. For starters, the heiress/DJ is still very much focussed on music — sporadically dropping bangers like “Come Alive” and “High Off My Love.” The last time we heard from her was in early 2018 when “I Need You” dropped on Valentine’s Day. Happily, she’s back with an instantly iconic bop called “Best Friends Ass.” As you can tell from the title, this is an extremely classy affair.

A collaboration with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, “B.F.A.” amusingly sends up Paris’ socialite image. (There are skits about doing drugs in a club bathroom and a boast about waking up before noon). The chorus is particularly memorable. “All I see is fuckboys everywhere tryna make a pass,” the thinking man’s pop star coos over slick beats. “But I can’t stop lookin’ at my best friend’s ass.” The video, which features a cameo from Kim Kardashian, also promises to be a treat. Listen to the banger below while we wait for it to drop.

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Hear Taylor Swift’s New, Much Hinted-At Single ‘ME!’


Hear ye, hear ye! Time to hear “ME!” The new single and video from Taylor Swift, featuring Panic! at the Disco’s Brendon Urie is out. After a long and cryptic social media campaign, Swift announced the song and video during an interview with Robin Roberts on ABC. “ME!” was produced by Joel Little, who produced Lorde’s Pure Heroine. The video was co-directed by Tay-tay and Dave Meyers. Fans have been decoding Taylor’s photo clues like a g-d rebus since she dropped an Instagram countdown clock April 13. Now we know that all this hoopla was for a song about “embracing your individuality and really owning it.” Swift and Urie cavort in a candy-colored Paris in the video, declaring that they are the perfect lover. There’s even a French melodramatic opening! “Oh and there’s a secret in the video I’ve been keeping in for months,” Swift said on YouTube chat, “let’s see who can guess it.”

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Kelly Clarkson Unveils Video For ‘UglyDolls’ Anthem “Broken & Beautiful”


Kelly Clarkson has a budding hit on her hands with “Broken & Beautiful.” Her first of several contributions to the UglyDolls soundtrack features a writing assist from Pink and production from Marshmello and Steve Mac. That alone was enough to guarantee it would be a massive smash with plenty of replay factor. But it’s also a rousing anthem with a seriously uplifting message. “I know I’m Super Woman, I know I’m strong, I know I’ve got this ’cause I’ve had it all along. I’m phenomenal, I’m enough, I don’t need you to tell me who to be,” she declares.

And the bop only gets bigger moving into the chorus. “Can someone just hold me? Don’t fix me, don’t try to change a thing. Can someone just know me? ‘Cause underneath I’m broken and it’s beautiful.” With growing support at radio and an upcoming performance at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, the single is really picking up steam. And it gets yet another boost from the just-released music video. Out today (April 25), it features cameo appearances from Kelly’s daughter River Rose as well as Moxy – a character Kelly voices in the UglyDollsmovie.

We’re also treated to an UglyDolls version of Marshmello, which is seriously too cute for words. All things considered, the feel-good video is an absolute must-see as we move into the back half of the week. Give it a view below.

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All Signs Point To Taylor Swift Launching ‘TS7’ With A New Single This Week


It looks increasingly likely that we will get a new single from Taylor Swift on Friday (April 26). The 29-year-old has been teasing that date on her social media accounts for the last couple of weeks, along with a selection of pastel-colored images. Radio stations have now started adopting a similar color scheme and Hits Daily Double is reporting that Republic has started previewing the song to a select group of tastemakers in the media. (My invitation must have been lost in the mail).

According to HDD, unusual security measures are being taken against spoilers. “Programmers must listen to the track on headphones via a device that never leaves the possession of the label team,” the reveal. Not only that, but “[they] must sign an NDA enjoining them not only not to discuss the content of the song but to deny its very existence.” I’m very ready for Taylor’s new era. The soft and pretty color palette suggests a less abrasive approach than Reputation, and she is the undisputed queen of the zeitgeist-commanding lead single. Bring it on!

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Madonna y Maluma, esa extraña (y muy provocadora) pareja, unidos en el videoclip de ‘Medellín’ que apuesta por la moda española


La Reina del Pop, que está más que estupenda,  y Maluma vienen dispuestos a provocar y hacerlo a lo grande, con un tema que contiene la esencia más pura de cada uno de ello, lo que hace que se convierta en una mezcla explosiva y casi difícil de catalogar. Eso sí, el vídeo es todo un despliegue de medios visuales, con una estética propia de la cantante en la que el colombiano, a pesar de todo, es un secundario frente a una Madame X que derrocha besos, movimientos sinuosos y desparpajo, entre mucho fetichismo y estimulantes varios. Las eróticas escenas entre la cantante de 60 años y el colombiano de 25 han provocado un debate en redes sociales .Aunque el tema había provocado reacciones polarizadas y memes, el videoclip donde los cantantes bailan y se casan detonó en comentarios positivos en su mayoría.