Madonna y Maluma, esa extraña (y muy provocadora) pareja, unidos en el videoclip de ‘Medellín’ que apuesta por la moda española


La Reina del Pop, que está más que estupenda,  y Maluma vienen dispuestos a provocar y hacerlo a lo grande, con un tema que contiene la esencia más pura de cada uno de ello, lo que hace que se convierta en una mezcla explosiva y casi difícil de catalogar. Eso sí, el vídeo es todo un despliegue de medios visuales, con una estética propia de la cantante en la que el colombiano, a pesar de todo, es un secundario frente a una Madame X que derrocha besos, movimientos sinuosos y desparpajo, entre mucho fetichismo y estimulantes varios. Las eróticas escenas entre la cantante de 60 años y el colombiano de 25 han provocado un debate en redes sociales .Aunque el tema había provocado reacciones polarizadas y memes, el videoclip donde los cantantes bailan y se casan detonó en comentarios positivos en su mayoría.

Pink Teams Up With Khalid On Mellow Bop, “Hurts 2B Human”


Hurts 2B Human (due April 26) is shaping up to be one of Pink’s best, and most surprising, albums. The veteran hitmaker kicked it off with the anthemic “Walk Me Home” and then showcased her versatility by rocking out on “Hustle” and then leading us to the dance floor with nostalgic club-banger, “Can We Pretend.” She now switches it up again, joining forces with the prolific, always-brilliant Khalid for the soulful title track. Yes, this mellow bop might be the closest Alecia has come to R&B since her debut LP.

“Sometimes I get so tired of getting tired up my thoughts,” Pink croons in the opening verse. “You’re the only one that often makes it stop.” She then launches straight into the chorus. “God, it hurts to be human,” the pop/rocker belts over Jorgen Odegard’s guitar-driven, beats-speckled production. “Without you I’d be losing and someday we’ll face the music.” As for Khalid, his verse is equally emo. “Now if we defeat all odds and it was us against the world,” he promises. “You could count on me, you know I’d have your back.”

While this sounds like an unlikely collaboration on paper, it comes together brilliantly. Take a listen below and then watch Pink slay The Ellen DeGeneres Show at the bottom of the post.

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The Follow-Up To “Sucker”! Jonas Brothers Announce New Single “Cool”


The Jonas Brothers staged an epic comeback in March when “Sucker,” their first single in six years, topped the Billboard Hot 100. The iconic trio would be forgiven for resting on their laurels for at least a couple of weeks, but they are determined to keep the Jo Bros revival in full swing. The band’s next single is called “Cool” and it drops on Friday (April 5).

It will be interesting to see if “Cool” generates as much love as “Sucker.” There was definitely an element of nostalgia in that song’s success, but it will soon dissipate if they don’t keep delivering A-grade pop/rock. Not that fans should be too concerned. The Jonas Brothers are working with all the best songwriters and producers (Ryan Tedder, Frank Dukes and Louis Bell) and seem intent on making their comeback last. With any luck, the guys will announce the title and release date of their fifth LP in the coming weeks.

See the cover of “Cool” below.

Elle Fanning Charms On Carly Rae Jepsen-Penned “Wildflowers”


Elle Fanning is one of those annoying people that is good at everything. Whether she’s starring in arthouse fare like The Neon Demonand The Beguiled, or blockbusters like Maleficent, the 20-year-old is never less than utterly captivating. It turns out, she’s also a rather handy singer. Elle shows off her vocal chops in the upcoming Teen Spirit (in theaters April 12) — a film about a British school girl with a passion for pop and the drive to escape from her small, claustrophobic town.

The singer/actress belts out a number of covers in the movie including an impressive rendition of Robyn’s seminal “Dancing On My Own” (listen here) as well as Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” and Sigrid’s“Don’t Kill My Vibe.” Elle also contributes an original to the soundtrack, and it perfectly slots into its electro-pop aesthetic. “I wore your shirt as I was running away from you, ’cause I like to keep the good things,” she sings over ’80s synths. “I know you’re hurt and I’d like to sit right next to you, but you’d only say the worst things.”

Elle cuts the emotional chord on the bittersweet chorus. “Wildflowers you brought me are crumbled in my hands,” she laments. “I killed them, you caught me — the stain is on my hands.” The track was co-written by Carly Rae Jepsen, Jack Antonoff and Tavish Crowe, and wouldn’t sound out of place on the Canadian pop star’s E·MO·TION LP. And that’s high praise indeed! Check out “Wildflowers” below and pre-order the soundtrack here.

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Song You Need to Know: Jonas Brothers, ‘Sucker


It’s been a long six years since we last heard new music from the Jonas Brothers, and towards the end of their run, it seemed like they had already lost the muse that made them one of the catchiest, funniest and most charming acts to come out of their class of Disney peers. It was clear they wanted to grow up: The promise rings were getting rusty, and their core audience was getting older. Within a couple of years, two of the three JoBros had scored hits that showed the inspiration they’d been sorely missing — Nick Jonas with “Jealous” and, particularly, Joe Jonas and his kindred spirits in the pop group DNCE with “Cake by the Ocean.”

But the Jonas Brothers were always built to be brought back together again. It’s all in the name and in their blood: They’re a publicly tight-knit family, as we all learned during their heyday. Even so, their first single since the breakup, “Sucker,” shows the ways all three of them have grown since their teen idol days. The eldest brother, Kevin, has two daughters with his longtime love Danielle Jonas, whom he married at the group’s height in 2009. Joe, the reformed playboy and onetime subject of some of Taylor Swift’s most iconic break-up ballads, is currently engaged to Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner. Nick, the baby of the trio, found a whirlwind romance with Priyanka Chopra, whom he married in December. With all that in mind, it’s only natural that they’ve ditched the sad-boy longing and heartbroken kiss-offs of their past so they can celebrate their respective loves with this catchy, delicious new song.

With assistance from Ryan Tedder, “Sucker” is an impeccably sweet-and-sour pop-rock tune reminiscent of the hits the JoBros churned out during their first go-round at being a band. Of course, they can be a little cheekier, sexier and more lustful now than in their wholesome youth. With less at stake now than when they first started thinking about attempting a more adult sound in their music as a group, the Jonas Brothers can have the type of playful fun that made them so likable in the first place


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Pink Announces New Single “Walk Me Home,”


Resultado de imagen para Pink Announces New Single “Walk Me Home,”

Pink’s new single ‘Walk Me Home’ will be out in a couple of weeks.

The ‘Just Give Me A Reason’ hitmaker dropped a huge bombshell about new music as she made an appearance on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ on Wednesday (06.02.19) and she also confirmed her new LP, ‘Hurts to Be Human’, will be out in April.

Telling the host, she said excitedly: «I’m shooting a video in a week I think, with Michael Gracey, the director from ‘The Greatest Showman’. I’m really excited about that. He’s amazing. I have a new song, ‘Walk Me Home,’ and I have a new album ‘Hurts to Be Human’. And I think it comes out in April.»

‘Hurts to Be Human’ will be Pink’s first studio album since 2017’s ‘Beautiful Trauma’ and the singer previously revealed she credits her broad appeal to being a «hot mess».

She explained: «I think I’m just a hot mess and people appreciate that. But I look like … I go on tour and I look at the audience, and I can see every age. There’s no real demographic. There’s … it’s very surprising. It’s three generations. And that’s what I love about music. That’s … it’s the only sort of universal language that we all

speak. And I don’t know. I love that part. It’s wonderful.»

And Pink had previously opened up about how she got the inspiration for the title of her album ‘Beautiful Trauma’.

She said at the time: «I think life is really traumatic, and it feels – even though it makes me sound like my parents to say this – it feels like it’s getting more so. But I also think that there’s really beautiful people in the] world. And there’s more good than bad. And there’s love to be made and joy to be had. And I try to hold on to the beautiful part.

«But, you know, my dad always says something to me. He says, I wish you enough. And what he means by that is I wish you enough rain to be able to enjoy the sunshine. And I wish you enough hard times to be able to enjoy the easy bits. And that’s beautiful trauma to me. It’s simultaneous, but it just depends on which part you’re looking at.»

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Ariana Grande Registers A Song Called “Juice”


Ariana Grande will not let us catch our breath. The 25-year-old is rapidly becoming one of pop’s most prolific artists. And she shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. This week we learned Thank U, Next, her second album in less than six months, debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200. She is also on track to occupy the top 2 spots on the Hot 100 this week with “7 rings” and new single “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored.” All things considered, she’d be excused for resting on her laurels for a while. But that is apparently not going to happen. Mere days after the LP dropped, the Grammy winner tweeted from inside the recording studio.

And today (February 18), fans noticed that the diva recently registered a new song called “Juice.” We don’t know much about it yet. However, the track features writing assists from the likes of Justin TranterAndrew Wansel and Happy Perez. The trio were involved in writing the fan-favored “fake smile” on this month’s album. Wansel and Perez also contributed to “imagine” and “in my head” on the tracklist. It’s totally possible “Juice” is a left-over from their recording sessions together. Or it might mean Ari plans on unveiling more new music when she embarks on her Sweetener World Tour.

In an interview with Billboard last year, the hitmaker opened up about her desire to release music more organically. “My dream has always been to be — obviously not a rapper, but, like, to put out music in the way that a rapper does. I feel like there are certain standards that pop women are held to that men aren’t,” she explained. “It’s just like, ‘Bruh, I just want to fucking talk to my fans and sing and write music and drop it the way these boys do. Why do they get to make records like that and I don’t?’ So I do and I did and I am, and I will continue to.” Check out the latest evidence something is up below!

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Selena Gomez enciende Instagram al anunciar nuevo tema con J Balvin


Tras haber lanzado ‘Taki, taki’ con Ozuna Cardi B en el 2018, la cantante Selena Gomez acaba de anunciar su regreso musical en colaboración con el colombiano J Balvin.

A través de su cuenta oficial de Instagram, la celebridad compartió una fotografía para afirmar que tendrá una canción con el responsable de temas como ‘Reggaeton’ y ‘No es justo’.

Con la misma instantánea se dio a conocer que Tainy y Benny Blanco también serán parte del proyecto musical.

El cantante J Balvin también se mostró emocionado por esta nueva colaboración y compartió la misma fotografía en su cuenta oficial de Instagram con la siguiente descripción: «I can’t get enough».

Los fans de ambos artistas no se hicieron esperar y se pronunciaron en la sección comentarios para felicitar a los cantantes por su nuevo proyecto.

«Balvin con Selena, OMG voy a morir en paz», «pura gente hit», «ahora solo falta con Bad Bunny», «siempre esperé esto» y «yo aún no supero el ‘Taki, taki'», se pudo leer entre los comentarios.

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I can’t get enough 💯🌍💯

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¡Más récords para Ariana Grande!


Ariana Grande está muy obviamente en la cima de su carrera y es por supuesto entrada directa al número 1 en álbumes en Reino Unido con su nuevo disco, el recomendable ‘thank u, next’, pues ha vendido 80.816 copias en su primera semana. Además, también llega al top 1 directo en singles con el tema para el que presentaba vídeo la semana pasada, ‘Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored’.

¿Qué supone todo esto? Algún que otro récord que sumar a su discografía. En primer lugar es la primera mujer de la historia que es a la vez número 1 de discos, número 1 de singles y número 2 de singles a la vez, pues ‘7 Rings’ cae desplazada por “Break Up” desde el número 1 al número 2. Además, es la primera mujer de la historia en reemplazarse a sí misma en el número 1. También es la primera vez que una mujer ocupa los dos principales puestos de la lista de singles británica desde que Madonna fuera número 1 y número 2 con ‘Into the Groove’ y ‘Holiday’ durante una semana de agosto de 1985.

A falta de que se conozcan los datos oficiales de Estados Unidos, donde rondará las 300.000 copias en su primera semana siendo top 1 con toda certeza, el álbum ‘thank u, next’ es número 1 en Suecia, Noruega, Nueva Zelanda o Irlanda, además de número 2 en Holanda e Italia y número 3 en Alemania.

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Katy Perry & Zedd’s “365” Sounds Like A Massive Hit!


The wait is over! Rumors have been swirling about Katy Perry and Zedd’s pop-saving collaboration for months now. It all started when the “Happy Now” hitmaker hopped on WITNESS: The Tour in late 2018. However, those rumors picked up speed last month after the duo registered a track called “365” with Universal Music Publishing Group. Since then, anticipation has been sky-high to hear what they cooked up in the studio. Today (February 14), it is finally out! And it sounds like a potentially massive hit. Boasting an addictive production and sugary sweet lyrics, the single is perfectly tailored for a Valentine’s Day release.

“Waking up next to you in the middle of the week. Never needed anyone to send me off to sleep. And I know I said go slow, but I can’t hold back no more,” Katy sings. She falls even deeper in love on the chorus. “Are you gonna be the one that’s on my mind? 365, all the time? I want you to be the one to stay. You give me the night and day.” That sentiment takes on a different connotation in the accompanying video, which plays with concepts of love and obsession. In the Warren Fu-directed release, the “Bon Appetit” diva is an android who develops feelings for the very-human Zedd. There are some twists and turns, all of which build up to a heartbreaking ending. Basically, it is essential viewing.

Zedd opened up how the song came about in a press release. “Katy and I have known each other for a while now and while on tour together in Australia last summer, we started working on some music,” he explained. “After we got off tour and with our musical value systems even more aligned we continued working together and that’s when ‘365’ started to take shape. As it all came together, we knew we had something special.” Katy echoed his message. “I was really excited for Zedd to join my WITNESS: The Tour last year, and in our down time, we started vibing on music, which led to this special song.” Check it out below!

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