Nick Jonas Reminds Kelly Clarkson That the Jonas Brothers Opened for Her in 2005: ‘I Had No Idea’


«But you helped us get a lot of gigs after that, so thank you. We owe you 20 percent,» Nick Jonas joked on The Kelly Clarkson Show

Kelly Clarkson wasn’t aware of her clout among Jonas Brothers fans for helping jump-start the band’s careers.

When Nick Jonas, one-third of the sibling boy band, visited the “Stronger” singer’s new talk show, she was reminded that the group opened for her more than a decade ago.

“I was reading the pre-interview for this — I had no idea that y’all opened for me in 2005,” Clarkson, 37, said, basking in her newfound association with the popular hit-makers. “I feel like I just got really cool.”

Jonas, 27, humbly downplayed their early career performances ahead of her concerts, while also acknowledging that Clarkson’s name carried weight on their résumés from then on.

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Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas in 2006

“No one cared about us in 2005, we were just coming up and basically, to get other gigs, we listed the other acts that we’d opened up for,” he told Clarkson, who is his competitor on The Voice as he becomes a coach for season 18. “But that really just meant that we were on, like, the outside stage in the parking lot while you were playing for 40,000 people.”

He added: “But you helped us get a lot of gigs after that, so thank you. We owe you 20 percent.”

Fast forward to 2019 and the Jonas Brothers — Nick, along with his older brothers Kevin and Joe — are on their own major tour, called Happiness Begins, with openers Bebe Rexha and Dr. Phil‘s son, Jordan McGraw.

Looking back at the year, the Midway actor called it a “beautiful time” for his family, with marriages and new music after the band decided to reassemble, a decision they came to after filming a revealing documentary together.

“We had really no intention of getting the band back together,” he said, “but after filming for a little while and kind of healing some of those family wounds that were there from our years of working together in the past, we were able to look at this with a fresh view and really kind of, all in different ways, find our happiness, so we went for it.”

Nick Jonas and Kelly Clarkson in 2015

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The documentary, Chasing Happiness on Amazon Prime Video, allowed the brothers to address their “pretty crazy journey” growing up in the church and the music industry.

“When we actually just sat down and did the hard work that, you know, most families have to do — we all go through things with the people we love, whether it’s the family you choose or it’s your blood — you gotta go through it,” Jonas said. “And we did.”

He continued: “… To have been able to go through that with your family is, I think we’re all really grateful and aware of how unique it is, and so it’s just been special.”

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Taylor Swift Drops Swooning ‘Lover’ Remix Featuring Shawn Mendes: Listen


It’s the 13th of the month, and Taylor Swift’s homage to her lucky number came in the form of a «Lover» remix, featuring her old pal Shawn Mendes. «Hey guys, I wanted to tell you about something that I’m really excited about,» Swift said in a video teasing the song on Wednesday morning (Nov. 13). «There is a new version of ‘Lover’ coming, a remix featuring someone who I’m such a huge fan of and I’ve known for a really long time. And someone I have always really been dying to collaborate with.»

The spin on her album’s title track, which dropped just after midnight, keeps some of the same romantic lyrics but with a new twist provided by Mendes. «We could light a bunch of candles and dance around the kitchen baby,» Mendes sings in a breathy voice over acoustic guitars. «Pictures of when we were young they hang on the wall/ And we would sit on the stoop and I’ll sing love songs to you when we’re 80/ See I finally got you now, honey I won’t let you fall.»

«He has taken ‘Lover’ and he has re-written parts of it, which I think is so important because I love him as a writer,» Swift said of the personal touch Mendes added to the title track of her latest album. «And I also think that everybody would write a different love letter to their lover and I think his take on it is so beautiful.»

Mendes also joins Swift on the song’s reworked chorus, their voices intertwining as he later adds another layer to the mid-song breakdown, bringing the ultimate love story into the mix. «The girl in my story has always been you/ I’d go down with the Titanic, it’s true for you… Lover,» he sings before adding some falsetto ad libs as the song rushes to its conclusion.

Swift recently told Zane Lowe in an interview that her seventh album, released back in August, was “the first time I’ve written about love that was very real rather than a song like Love Story that I wrote when I was 17.”

«I feel like my priorities are in order, done some growing up, feeling good about it. And I was like, you know, what’s that going to be like to write from that place? But I didn’t even have long enough to think about that before I was writing this record.“

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Katy Perry Gears Up for a Groovy Ride in ‘Harleys in Hawaii’ Vertical Video


Resultado de imagen para katy perry harleys in hawaii

«There’s pink and purple in the sky-y-y» for Katy Perry’s new vertical video for «Harleys in Hawaii,» which she released Friday (Nov. 8).

Perry makes the single’s album artwork come to life atop the title motorcycle, donning her multicolored floral turtleneck dress, black headband and white-and-yellow floral statement earrings.

The camera pans out to reveal the palm trees perfectly framing the pop star’s shot, which widens enough for fans to see the rest of her ensemble: zebra knee-high boots and a matching mutlicolored floral motorcycle helmet. Unlike the «Harleys in Hawaii» music video she premiered with the single on its original Oct. 16 release, Perry’s latest visual shows off her solo (and equally fabulous) venture.

Watch the breezy clip for «Harleys in Hawaii» below.

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Lana Del Rey Rocks Out With Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino on ‘When I’m With You’ Live: Watch


Lana Del Rey may have been the headliner in Chicago on Friday night (Nov. 8), but she eagerly shared the stage with a very special guest for one lovely indie rock interlude.

Before her Norman F–king Rockwell tour stop at Chicago’s Byline Bank Aragon Ballroom, Del Rey announced that Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast would be joining her to sing a song or two at the show. Del Rey handed off the lead mic to Cosentino to sing through «When I’m With You» off Best Coast’s 2010 album Crazy For You, and she later took in the performance as a fan herself when Cosentino wowed the crowd with the her 2012 ballad «Up All Night.»

Opener Lucy Dacus came out for a belated encore during Del Rey’s set as well, and sang and strummed «Night Shift» as Del Rey swayed beside her, smitten.

After the show, Cosentino shared videos of the moment, along with some backstage snaps of her and a beaming Del Rey and Dacus, on Instagram.

Watch Cosentino and Del Rey sing «When I’m With You» together below.

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Billie Eilish Performed an Acoustic Set at Jack White’s Third Man Records & He Turned It Into a Live Album


Miss Billie Eilish’s acoustic set from Jack White’s Third Man Records in Nashville on Wednesday night? Don’t worry, because White cut the live album direct to acetate disc and is making the vinyl version exclusively available at the label’s Nashville and Detroit retail locations in December.

The «Bad Guy» hitmaker teamed up with her chief collaborator and brother Finneas to play an intimate, invite-only concert, where the 17-year-old singer ran through an 11-song set, including «Bad Guy,» «Ocean Eyes,» «Bury a Friend» and «I Love You.»

«Do you see that? They’re like making my voice onto a thing. Like right now! That’s crazy,» Eilish said in awe of White’s recording process, which was projected onto a live video feed, as reported by The Tennessean.

White shared the same admiration for the young artist, introducing her as «someone we really love, and we think is really innovative and inspiring,» according to the press release.

Following her closing song «When the Party’s Over,» she returned the kind gesture and described the 44-year-old performer as someone who’s been «inspiring a whole generation of people to do what they want.»

Check out the pictures from Eilish’s acoustic set at Third Man Records below.



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Louis Tomlinson Says the ‘We’ In New Single ‘We Made It’ Is Him & The Fans: ‘That’s Collective’


Resultado de imagen para louis tomlinson

“I’ve kind of gone through every emotion,” Louis Tomlinson tells the Billboard Pop Shop Podcast about the making of his debut album, “Walls.”

It’s an incredibly busy time for Louis Tomlinson at the moment. He’s promoting a new song that’s gaining steam at radio, “We Made It;” his upcoming debut album, Walls; and his first solo tour. Is he holding on for dear life, or is he loving every moment of the madness?

“I’m lovin’ it,” Tomlinson tells the Billboard Pop Shop Podcast (listen to the full interview, below). “I’ve been waiting for ages. Honestly, I’ve been waiting for this moment for a while.”

Walls, which is due out on Jan. 31, 2020 via SYCO/Arista Records, marks Tomlinson’s first album of his own. Of course, as a member of the enormously popular group One Direction, he has five full-length studio albums under his belt — stretching from 2011’s Up All Night and 2015’s Made In the A.M. As for Tomlinson’s tour, it is slated to kick off on March 9, 2020 in Barcelona, Spain, before hitting the U.S. on June 9.

Below are some highlights from our interview with Tomlinson. They include: why his previous singles gave him “the courage now to just be brave” with his new music, his thoughts on “We Made It” and how it’s a song for both him and his fans, how he’s “gone through every emotion” in getting his album made, and what we might expect from his tour.

On how his latest song «We Made It» came together:

This song is like two-and-a-half years old. The reason we kind of sat on the song for so long is [because] I wanted to be further on in the writing process so I could release a lot of songs in a short space of time. There’s like another single coming in like six weeks, and so on. The song… it started off as just the title. As a concept, really. ‘We made it,’ what does that mean to me. And again, my first thought was ‘that first tour show.’ I always like to write things that where the fans feel they’re included, and that moment of me playing my first tour show and thinking to myself, ‘alright, we’ve done alright!’ That’s collective. That’s not just on my own. You know what I mean? Because these people have been patient with me, really patient. And you know, I’ve got a really loyal fan base, so that’s going to be a moment of success — mutually, you know what I mean?

On the meaning behind the «We Made It» lyric, ‘singing something poppy on the same four chords / used to worry about it but I don’t no more,’ and how he got the «courage» to make the music he wanted to on the upcoming album:

It’s funny, because I wrote that song maybe 12 months before I put this statement out on my Instagram and essentially I had just kind of come to this conclusion that I was making music for everyone else and I was worrying too much about other opinions. And kind of based on where I came from with One Direction, that those expectations, I suppose, to a certain degree, are natural. But I had to go through that experience, really, and understand what it was I was doing on my own now. And how important it was to just kind of follow my heart and do what I love. Because, you know… I work quite a few hours doing this job. It’s busy, it’s busy, so I gotta be loving it. I gotta be loving it. And it doesn’t feel like a job when I’m doing what I love, you know what I mean? Whereas, I think, look, there’s been singles in the past, where, in hindsight, I feel like, I don’t necessarily identify with those sounds … but in terms of when I look back, I’m glad I had the experience, but it’s kind of given me the courage now to just be brave and be like, ‘alright, I’m gonna do what I wanna do’ basically.

Is the whole album locked, done and finished? Or is he still making tweaks?

There’s a couple more [songs] that are going to master, but I approved the final two songs, maybe like a day ago or two days ago. So, it’s all fully done. I’ve not heard every master yet, but I’m sure it’ll be f—ing good. [Laughs.]

Is that a relief?

Oh, definitely! I think [for] most new artists, this is a pretty normal amount of time to make an album. But again, what I was used to, being in a band like One Direction, was: tour every year, album every year. As I said, I’ve been writing for like three years, so in One Direction, I could have had three albums out by now [laughs], you know what I mean? So it feels like a relief to finally be here, yeah, definitely.

Is there an overarching theme to the album?

Without getting too deep… I think just honesty. I mean the lyrics, naturally, my style, are quite autobiographical anyway. So, I think in terms of a theme, I go in writing every song, trying to be as honest and as real as possible, really. So, I think there’s … different moments in my life, different emotions, but overall, I hope it’s honest … I’m always trying to humanize myself as much as possible and make myself relatable to fans, and I think with honesty, you can do that, you know what I mean? Because there’s a lot of Hollywood lyrics out there, there’s a lot of lyrics that feel a little make believe to me. So, I think being honest, it can pull on the heartstrings then, you know what I mean?

Now that he’s going into releasing his first album, which of these emotions is he feeling more right now? Excitement, joy, or nervousness?

I feel like because, as I said before, personally I feel like I’ve been writing this album for a while, I feel like I’ve kind of gone through every emotion. Honestly. I’ve had moments of frustration, because it’s taken a second to release. I’ve had moments where I’m nervous and I hope people like it and whatever. But I feel like I just got to that stage now where I’ve been sitting on it for a while, I believe they’re good songs. I’m confident in the album. So, I’m just excited for people to hear it as this stage. That’s all it is. Eager. I’m eager and excited for people to hear it.

Was he putting pressure on himself, or was there any pressure externally, around getting an album done?

If I’m being honest, with the greatest… without like… I think they’ll understand this, but to be honest, and for the right reasons, the pressure comes from the fan base. And that’s because I owe them, I owe them. You know what I mean? To a certain degree. They’re incredible people, super dedicated when I was in the band, and it’s carried on throughout. There will be different awards that I get nominated for and, again, I’ve not had an album out, and they’ll just vote super hard! They’re just incredible people, so I feel like, I owe it to them to make the best album I can and to get it out at some point. And now we’re there!

Has he started prepping for the tour?

I’ve started thinking roughly about set lists. It’s a bit easier when you don’t have as many songs in a first tour, you know? … In terms of creative [aspects of the show], to be honest, I haven’t really given it too much thought. But instinctively, it won’t be bells and whistles. It’ll just be a good light show focusing on the music, you know what I mean?

So, not so much on pyro and lasers?

I mean, I like a bit of pyro. And I also like a bit of lasers! So maybe a few bells, few whistles. But not too many, yeah! [Laughs.]

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Kacey Musgraves Is Putting On a ‘Christmas Show’ With Help From Camila Cabello, Lana Del Rey and Troye Sivan


The special will premiere on Nov. 29.

Kacey Musgraves is about to kick Chrismas in the jingle bells. The country star announced her first holiday special, The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show, on Monday (Nov. 4), which will find the singer joined by an all-star cast of collaborators on a variety of classic and original holiday songs on Amazon Prime Video.

The special, directed by Dan Levy (Schitt’s Creek) will premiere globally on Nov. 29 and feature Musgraves teaming up with Fred Armisen on «Silent Night,» Leon Bridges on «Present Without a Bow,» Camila Cabello on «Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,» James Corden on «Let It Snow,» Zooey Deschanel on «Mele Kalikimaka,» Lana Del Rey on «I»ll Be Home For Christmas» and Troye Sivan on the world debut of «Glittery.»

She will, of course, be joined by the Radio City Rockettes, who will do one of their famous kickline routines as Musgraves sings «Ribbons and Bows,» as well as special guest Kendall Jenner. The show «invites fans in as Musgraves prepares for a most joyful Christmas gathering with a whimsical set and dazzling wardrobe influenced by the artist’s fresh aesthetic,» according to a release announcing the special. «Equal parts heart-warming and cleverly absurd, Musgraves pays tribute to holiday specials of the past whilst also reinventing just what a Christmas special can be, with a magically modern twist.»

“I can say without a doubt that this project is unlike anything I’ve ever done before,” Musgraves says in a statement. “What started as the small seed of an idea one night over a year ago has turned into something I’m so proud of.  Some truly brilliant comedic and musical guests are featured in the show — as well as my own Grandma. My vision was to bring my old Christmas album to life visually and create a modern and fashionable, fresh take on a classic format. It’s a nostalgic, Wes Anderson-inspired reimagining of the holidays. It’s heartfelt, funny, and most of all, real. I can’t wait to finally share.”

The show will be accompanied by an official soundtrack available on Amazon Music and other digital services on Nov. 29 as well.

Check out a preview and the track list for the Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show below.

The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show

1. «Let It Snow,» Featuring James Corden

2. «Countdown» – Dialogue

3. «Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas»

4. «Getting Ready» – Dialogue

5. «Present Without A Bow,» Featuring Leon Bridges

6. «Making A List» – Dialogue

7. «Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree,» Featuring Camila Cabello

8. «(Not So) Silent Night,» Featuring Fred Armisen

9. «Christmas Makes Me Cry»

10. «Amp It Up, Dan» – Dialogue

11. «Christmas Fail» – Dialogue

12. «Mele Kalikimaka,» Featuring Zooey Deschanel

13. «Cookies» – Dialogue

14. «Glittery,» Featuring Troye Sivan

15. «I’ll Be Home Intro» – Dialogue

16. «I’ll Be Home For Christmas,» Featuring Lana Del Rey

17. «Nana!» – Dialogue

18. «Ribbons And Bows,» Featuring The Radio City Rockettes

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5 Things We Want From Harry Styles’ ‘Fine Line’ Album


Harry Styles announced Monday (Nov. 4) that his sophomore album, Fine Line, is coming on Dec. 13 — and that has us reflecting on his solo career so far and what we want from this next project.

It’s been more than two years since Styles dropped his highly acclaimed self-titled debut album. The Billboard 200 No. 1 release established the former One Direction star as a serious solo artist with rock-inspired hits like «Sign of the Times,» which peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Written in Jamaica only a year after the announcement of a One Direction hiatus, the 10 tracks Styles worked on transformed his former boy band heartthrob image into one of an up-and-coming rock star. Styles spent the following year after the release of his debut album playing his songs in arenas around the world.

In the two years since his first album, Styles has also pursued other creative ventures. He made his foray into acting as Alex in Christopher Nolan’s film Dunkirk, become a fashion icon through his partnership with Gucci, co-chaired the 2019 Met Gala, executive produced the CBS show Happy Together, proved himself an LGBTQ ally through his many philanthropic donations, and guest-starred on multiple episodes of The Late Late Show With James Corden.

Although there have been signs that Styles was gearing up to return to music and release his sophomore album since the beginning of 2019 — including turning down the role of Prince Eric in the upcoming live-action The Little Mermaid movie — there was no clearer clue that HS2 was coming than when he dropped his single «Lights Up» last month. Since then, he has teased fans with «Do You Know Who You Are?» tweets that include links to his website and hints about upcoming songs on the album.

So it came as no surprise when Styles announced Monday that his second collection of songs, Fine Line, was due to arrive on Dec. 13.

Fans were sent into a frenzy with the news of this reveal, quick to speculate on what the notably private Styles had up his sleeve for his grand return to the music world.

Here are five things we hope to hear from Fine Line:

«Kiwi» part two

When Styles tweeted «Kiwi walked so Watermelon Sugar could run» on Oct. 22, his followers freaked out over the potential of a second fruit-inspired song from the singer.

Long known as the favorite from his self-titled project«Kiwi» inspired love from both supporters and Styles — who often played the song on tour several times in one night.

Cryptic lyrics like «I’m having your baby/ It’s none of your business» elicited high energy from those at Styles’ shows, as well as multiple kiwi fruit gifts thrown onstage.

There is no doubt that fans have asked for — and hope to receive — a second rock-inspired anthem to lose their minds (and fruit) to during the shows on Styles’ next world tour.

An «Only Angel»-esque show opener

After receiving feedback from fans that attended his 2017 headlining tour that the song «Only Angel» would be a perfect show opener, Styles changed the set list for each show on his 2018 run to open with the pop-rock bop.

With lyrics like «I saw this angel/ I really saw an angel» spoken over a heavenly sounding chorus, an ethereal opening is turned into pure rock ‘n’ roll with a sudden scream of «Woo-hoo» from Styles.

Since there will most likely be a Fine Line tour in 2020, a song on the forthcoming album that is made to perfectly start the show off like «Only Angel» would be the perfect gift for Styles’ fans.

A studio version of «Medicine» 

When Styles kicked off his world tour last year, he included two new, unreleased songs in his set list: «Anna» and «Medicine.» The rock-inspired track «Medicine» quickly became a crowd favorite.

With unconfirmed lyrics like «The boys and the girls are in/ I mess around with him/ And I’m OK with it,» «Medicine» famously added to the speculation around Styles’ sexuality — which the star has never confirmed.

Since fans have begged the star to release a studio version of the song for over a year, the track dubbed «‘Kiwi»s younger sister» would make a perfect bonus track on Fine Line.

An LGBTQ anthem 

Although Styles has never confirmed or denied that he is personally a member of the LGBTQ community — he has previously stated that he doesn’t feel the need to label himself — he has definitely shown himself as an ally.

On his 2018 world tour, the star sold tees and hoodies sporting the phrase «Treat People With Kindness» that raised money for LGBTQ rights. In total, Styles’ tour raised more than $1.2 million for various charities.

Additionally, since his One Direction days, Styles has been known for picking up rainbow flags thrown onstage during his shows and waving them around in support of his LGBTQ fans.

Another LGBTQ anthem like «Medicine» would continue to empower Styles’ LGBTQ fans, adding to the feeling of acceptance audience members have shared that they feel during his concerts.

More heartbreak-inspired ballads

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Styles revealed that his second album was about «having sex and feeling sad.» In light of his recent breakup with French model Camille Row, Fine Line will most likely give us an inside look into the singer’s mind during the aftermath of that relationship.

Considering his first album was filled with emotional heartbreak ballads like «Two Ghosts» and «From the Dining Table,» we can only hope to receive more tracks that showcase Styles’ vulnerability and ability to turn heartbreak into art on this new album

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Filming P!nk’s ‘There You Go’ Video Involved a Lot of Weed and Near Misses On Her Motorcycle


This week’s Billboard cover star P!nk took some time during her photo shoot to reflect upon some iconic moments from throughout her career, including filming her very first music video, her breathtaking aerial Grammys performance, and her 2018 Super Bowl appearance that she braved the flu to make happen.

First, the singer is shown a clip of the music video for her 2000 debut single “There You Go,” which saw her epically get revenge on her cheating ex as she flew her motorcycle into his apartment window.

“I think this is the prettiest I’ve ever looked, and will ever look,” she tells Billboard of the video as she watches it back. “I’d just started riding motorcycles. I almost crashed 85 times.”

She also recalls that she smoked a lot of weed during the shoot, and that director Dave Meyers had to keep asking her to stop since she could barely keep her eyes open during the beauty shots.

Shown her hilarious 2006 video for “Stupid Girls,” P!nk shares that while she enjoys making fun of other people, she also really likes making fun of herself. Speaking of the scene when she’s dancing next to what’s meant to represent 50 Cent, she reveals that the actor playing him was named Quarter Cent (he also goes by Two Five). “I’m not kidding. It’s 50’s cousin. At least that’s what he told me,” she adds.

As for her stunning, gravity-defying 2010 Grammys performance for her song “Glitter in the Air,” P!nk discloses that she still can’t believe that she was allowed to pull that off. “They let me do a song that wasn’t a single, that no one ever heard before,” she notes. “They let me fly 100 feet in the air, with no harness, with water. It was so much fun.”

She also admits that she was really nervous at the time, even when she walked down the catwalk before being lifted into the air. “I couldn’t walk in a straight line. I’m pretty sure in the first verse I almost fell over twice,” she says of walking in that white dress. “That was awesome. And LL Cool J looked at my butt. But so did Rihanna. It was a good butt.”

Looking at her 2013 video for “Just Give Me a Reason” with Nate Ruess, P!nk remembers going to her fitting and thinking that she was fat and not wanting to wear anything revealing. Now, however, looking back at it, she thinks to herself, “I was so thin.”

“That’s what we do to ourselves and we should stop it,” she adds. “And now I’m almost 150 pounds and I look fucking awesome.”

The final moment that P!nk is shown is when she sang the national anthem at the 2018 Super Bowl. Aside from noting that she had an “interesting outfit choice,” the singer expresses shock that she was even able to sing that day, since she had the flu at the time.

“I had planned this Super Bowl experience for my whole family, cause the Eagles were playing and we’re from Philly,” she says. “And then of course, the one thing the camera finds, the first place they find me is me spitting out my lozenge onto the grass. I was like, ‘Well, I tried!’ Aw, memories.”

You can check out the full video above to see P!nk react to even more memories from her career, including shooting the cover for her album M!ssundaztood and when she was names Woman of the Year by Billboard at Women in Music 2013.

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Did Lady Gaga Just Reveal Her Next Song Title?


It all started with a pumpkin.

Some simply saw a funny message on a pumpkin. Others saw what could be a hint at new music. Either way, fans cannot stop talking about Lady Gaga’s latest post on her social media.

On both her Twitter and her Instagram, Gaga posted multiple photos of what appear to be a pumpkin carving session on Tuesday (Oct. 29). One pumpkin in particular made fans laugh out loud, as it wasn’t carved, but simply painted with the words «f–k this» scrawled across its face, and a knife sticking out of its stem.

But some eagle-eyed Little Monsters immediately caught wind of what they believe is a new hint toward Gaga’s new music. In the photo of her aforementioned pumpkin, an iPod can be seen sitting on the same table: when fans zoomed in, they saw that the song playing was titled «Stupid Love.»

It’s possible that Gaga could have been listening to already-released tracks from Jason Derulo or Dan + Shay. But the Twitter sleuths were skeptical, noticing that the track title was in all-caps, and had no cover art or artist information listed on the pop-up. Others kept digging, finding that rumors regarding a Gaga song called «Stupid Love» have been floating around the internet for a few months.

One stan account even went as far as to find an old post where a copyright claim was made against another user’s tweet from August, where they had retweeted a snippet of an unreleased song. According to a screenshot they took, there was a reference made in the claim to a track from Lady Gaga called, you guessed it, «Stupid Love.»

Check out Gaga’s pumpkin carving session and some of the best Twitter detective work below:




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