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Lady Gaga Went on ‘Fallon’ to Make a Major Announcement, But it Didn’t Quite Go as Planned

Jimmy Fallon Lady Gaga
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Jimmy Fallon and Lady Gaga on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Lady Gaga called in to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday (April 1) for what host Jimmy Fallon promised was a major announcement, but things didn’t go exactly as planned.

As soon as the FaceTime call connected, the pop star seemed confused, apologizing profusely that she couldn’t reveal her news just yet. «I can’t, Jimmy,» Gaga said. «I can’t talk right now. I’m really sorry. It’s just, like, a really weird time right no. Hello? Jimmy? I can’t see you? Am I on TV?»

Promising the big news was «for COVID-19,» a flustered Gaga explained that she simply didn’t have all her proverbial ducks in a row to make the announcement quite yet. «I can’t, I can’t, I can’t tell you everything right now because I’m still ironing out the details and I have a lot of phone calls to make,» she said.

The late night host took the unexpected left turn in stride, only to be quickly interrupted by Mother Monster seemingly receiving a phone call from someone on her team. When Fallon asked if calling back in 10 minutes would be better for the star, Gaga hit him with a proposed date a bit further out. «Can you call me on, um, can you call me Friday?» she asked, leading the host to respond, «Can I call you on Friday? It’s uh, yeah. It’s Wednesday.»

The scheduling conflict didn’t stop there though. Just a few minutes later, Gaga called back, wearing a new pair of upside-down glasses and appearing even more distressed. «Hello, I’m sorry,» she said before pushing the reveal back even further. «Can we just move our time? Yeah, can we do it Monday. I promise we’ll do it Monday.»

Whatever the superstar has in the works, it looks like Little Monster will be waiting at least through the weekend to find out what she has up her sleeve…

Watch Gaga’s full exchange with Fallon below (starting at the 5:07 mark).

Watch Niall Horan Perform ‘Dear Patience’ on ‘Fallon’


Niall Horan joined Jimmy Fallon for the most recent edition of The Tonight Show, filmed at home in Fallon’s house during the COVID-19 pandemic, to perform “Dear Patience.”

Appearing via video chat at the 7:45 minute mark, Horan discussed his new album, Heartbreak Weather, and how he’s coping with self-quarantine. “It’s crazy, I’ve never Zoom-ed in my life, but here we are,” Horan said, speaking from his apartment in London. Horan added that he’s been penning some new music during his time alone at home. “I wrote a couple of tunes,” he told Fallon. “Definitely finding it relatively hard to get motivated when all I can do is sit in my living room.”

Horan added that he’s happy with how well his album has done since release. “It was a lot of fun to make,” he said. “I had a great time making it. It’s a bit of a shame that I had to release it amongst all of this, but you can’t win every week. It went to No. 1 in the U.K. and Ireland, which was huge for me… It’s a weird time, but a good time.”

The pair also compared their golf games during the video chat and talked about all the touring opportunities Horan has had to put on hold before the singer took on “Dear Patience,” which comes in at the 18:20 mark. “It’s an album track, but I just thought it was very relevant right now because I wrote it at a time when I needed to be patient,” Horan explained. “And if anyone needs to be patient right now it’s all of us.”

Horan released Heartbreak Weather earlier this month. He recently performed a livestream concert for Global Citizen and the World Health Organization’s Together at Home virtual concert series and played several tracks off the album.

Daenerys Targaryen Fucked Up Meeting Beyoncé


The Mother of Dragons can’t even handle meeting Beyoncé.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night, Emilia Clarke talked about briefly meeting the pop star at an Academy Awards afterparty. Beyoncé is, unsurprisingly, a Game of Thrones fan. Stars, they’re just like us!

Okay, humble brag, but go on. “I think I started crying,” she says, making the dorkiest noise possible. “Exactly that noise came out of my mouth. And she was like, ‘Hey this is uncomfortable now. I thought you’d be cool, you’re not cool, bye.’ And I was like, ‘No, can I get you a drink?’”

Clarke says she wants another shot when she can control herself. Can you really blame her for messing it up the first time?

Cuando le preguntaron a Cardi B sobre una posible reconciliación con Nicki Minaj


La rivalidad entre Cardi B y Nicki Minaj parece no tener un final cercano. Es más, así lo evidenció la intérprete de «Money» al ser consultada sobre una posible reconciliación entre ambas.

Todo sucedió cuando un periodista de Variety habló con la rapera y le preguntó si «¿hay alguna posibilidad de hacer las paces con Nicki Minaj y colaborar con ella?», generando una reacción que muchos no esperaban.

A pesar de que Cardi B no dijo ni siquiera una palabra, miró fijamente al reportero con una sonrisa burlesca en el rostro para posteriormente lanzar una carcajada, dejando en claro que no está dentro de sus planes llevarse bien con su colega.

Recordemos que la relación entre ambas estrellas nunca ha sido la mujer, sin embargo, la rivalidad se intensificó cuando las dos colaborarobn en la canción «MotorSport» de Migos. Es más, su enemistad terminó en una pelea en la que B le lanzó un zapato a Minaj en plena fiesta de la revista Harpers Bazaar, debido a los comentarios que hizo la cantante de «Super Bass» sobre la maternidad de Cardi.

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Sam Smith responds to claims that he ‘fat shamed’ a woman on holiday


‘He was jealous of her fabulous breakfast’

Sam Smith

Sam Smith has denied claims that he ‘fat shamed’ a woman while on holiday.

The singer, who was on holiday with 13 Reasons Why actor Brandon Flynn, came under fire after he shared a video on his Instagram story where he zoomed in on the breakfast of a nearby diner in a Californian cafe with the caption ‘good going’. Flynn can be seen pulling a face in the video.

“It seems as if he is fat-shaming me for having such a big breakfast,” London office worker Lauren Brooks told The Daily Star, after recognising herself in the video.

She continued: “He has 9.5million followers – and anyone who knew me and followed him would recognise me right away. Imagine if I was a girl who was even slightly insecure about her weight.

“To have a celeb mock her for eating a meal would be horrendous.”

Responding to the claims, a spokesman told Digital Spy that “Sam posted because he was jealous of her fabulous breakfast.”

Back in 2015, the ‘Writing’s On The Wall’ singer spoke out about his own battles with having a negative body image. Smith said he has struggled with the issue since childhood and has lost almost 50lb in a year.

“I still feel pressured to look a certain way,” he told NME. “For women, the pressure in this industry is horrendous and it’s got to stop. But it’s the same for guys, even though they won’t speak about it.”

He continued: “I want to be a voice for that: just because I’ve lost weight doesn’t mean that I’m happy and content with my body. Because of the media, and because of what I feel I should look like, it’s always going to be a battle in my head.”

Smith also stated that his insecurities have influenced his song writing, describing one new song about body image as “the happiest I’ve ever written… [or] at least it’s not too sad.”

This article was originally published by: NME

The 7 Most Risque Lyrics From Shawn Mendes’ Self-Titled Album


Well, Shawn Mendes has — gasp! — grown up a bit, and he’s no longer the squeaky clean 16-year-old who serenaded his way into listeners’ hearts with the G-rated heartbreak bop, «Stitches,» back in 2015. Over three years later, Mendes’ self-titled third studio album, out Friday (May 25), takes a major step up in maturity both sonically and with the inclusion of some slightly suggestive lyrics.

Don’t worry about Mendes tarnishing his sugary sweet image, though. Gentlemanly as always, he still keeps it classy on LP3, which also includes his most vulnerable and politically-driven tunes to date.

However, at 19, we think it’s only natural for some of his content to get a little sexually implicit when the time is right, employing multiple allusions to risque nights. Here are seven instances of eyebrow-raising lyrics to be heard on Shawn Mendes.


«You got me acting like I never done this before
I promise I’ll be ready when I walk through the door»

«Where Were You In the Morning?»

«And I hope you had a good reason
​Cause I know you had a good time
And yeah I’m looking up at the ceiling
And I keep wondering why»

«Fallin’ All in You»

«Sunrise with you on my chest
No blinds in the place where I live
Daybreak open your eyes
Cause this was only ever meant to be for one night, still»

«Particular Taste»

«But oohh she’s so specific when she’s at my place
At my place she’s got particular taste
Yeah, she’s so obsessed with the chase
Yeah, she don’t waste time on conversations
No, she just goes right for the face yeah»

«Lost In Japan»

«I’m a couple hundred miles from Japan tonight
And I was thinking I could fly to your hotel tonight
‘Cause I can’t get you off my mind»

«Where Were You In the Morning?»

«You said I wanna get to know you
Why you gotta get my hopes up
You said that you were staying over
But then I woke up to the cold air»

«Fallin’ All in You»

«Fast forward a couple years, yea
Grown up in the place that we live
Make love then we fight
Laugh cause it was only meant to be for one night, baby»

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Snoop Dogg swapped out Matthew McConaughey’s fake weed for the real stuff on set at ‘The Beach Bum’

The pair are starring in Harmony Korine’s ‘The Beach Bum’

Matthew McConaughey has revealed that Snoop Dogg replaced his prop weed for real weed while the pair were filming ‘The Beach Bum’.


The new Harmony Korine film sees McConaughey star alongside the rapper. In one six-minute scene, McConaughey’s character heads to Snoop’s Lingerie to get some “magic weed” to help with his writer’s block.

McConaughey says that he checked they would be using prop weed, “it’s like crushed oregano and stuff.” However, Snoop decided to play a prank on his co-star.

“We get to the scene, it’s a six-minute scene, we’re passing [the weed] back and forth. All of a sudden at the end he goes, ‘Yo, Moondog’ — that’s my character — he goes, ‘That ain’t prop weed. That’s Snoop Weed.’ I went, ‘Oh, you son of a gun.’ Now the next nine hours were a lot of fun, but I don’t believe we used one word in the English language,” McConaughey told Jimmy Kimmel.

“As I said to him the next day, ‘I got Snooped,’” McConaughey joked. Watch the interview below.

‘The Beach Bum’ also stars Isla Fisher, Zac Efron, Jonah Hill and Jimmy Buffett and marks Korine’s first film since 2012’s Spring Breakers.

When he’s not starring in Korine movies, Snoop Dogg is hosting a new YouTube series about the history of the sport.

He released the first tutorial last month, which saw the rapper discusses the history of the Stanley Cup.

He discusses the several superstitions around the cup, including the idea that it can only be touched by its winners.

“There’s only one way to hoist it – you’ve got to win it,” says Snoop.

This article was originally published by: NME

SZA Talks ‘Ctrl,’ Donald Glover & Grammy Losses In ‘The Fader’


After a two-year delay, SZA’s debut LP Ctrlfinally arrived in 2017 and promptly became a phenomenon. A brutally honest look at love and modern relationships, the album peaked at number 3 on the Billboard 200 and earned five Grammy nominations. However, as the R&B singer explains in her Fader cover story, she’s less than happy with it. “I’m thankful that people don’t think it sucks, but I’m gonna have to achieve a 10 in my brain,” the 27-year-old explains. It turns out, SZA is much harder on herself than the rest of the world.

“I didn’’t even fuck with my own album, so I was so confused and almost, like, angry that everyone fucked with it so much,” the “What Lovers Do” hitmaker continues. “It meant everything I felt about myself was wrong. And it was just like, ‘If that’s not the truth, then what is the truth?”’” Donald Glover was one of the people that gently urged her to be less critical of herself. “I think when ‘’Love Galore’’ went platinum, Donald texted me like, ‘’Do you still think it sucks’?’ And I was like, ‘‘I dunno.’”’”

Unfortunately, Ctrl didn’t win any of the Grammys it was nominated for, but SZA takes that in her stride. “I’m not as mad as I thought I would be,” she says. “I didn’’t have any expectations, actually. That’’s why I wasn’’t super upset… Perhaps folks place too much importance on the entire situation in general, and place too much importance on the institution.”” Read the full interview here.

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