Ariana Grande Won Her First-Ever Grammy Award Despite Skipping The Show Because Of A Fight With Producers


Ariana Grande won her first-ever Grammy award on Sunday, taking home one of music’s most prestigious awards despite not showing up for the ceremony amid a feud with the show’s producers. Grande won the Best Pop Vocal Album trophy for her album Sweetener, beating the other nominees in her category: Camila Cabello, Kelly Clarkson, Shawn Mendes, Pink, and Taylor Swift.

After her win, Grande had a simple response on Twitter: “I know I’m not there tonight (trust, I tried and still truly wished it had worked out tbh)” she wrote in another tweet, “and I know I said I try not to put too much weight into these things …. but fuck.” “This is wild and beautiful,” she said, “Thank you so much.”

The award was handed out at the Sunday afternoon ceremony ahead of the night’s main show. Grande was sitting out both events amid a very public fight with Grammys producers about what songs she would sing on the Grammys stage.On Thursday, Grande accused Ken Ehrlich, producer of the Grammys, of lying about the reason why she was skipping the show.

“I’ve kept my mouth shut but now you’re lying about me,” Grande wrote on Twitter, responding to a screenshot of an Associated Press article in which Ehrlich said things fell through with the pop star performing on this year’s show because she thought it was “too late for her to pull something together.”

“I can pull together a performance over night and you know that, Ken,” Grande wrote. “It was when my creativity & self-expression was stifled by you, that I decided not to attend.” The drama was said to have started when producers declined to allow Grande to perform her latest single in full. Producers reportedly told Grande that she could only perform “7 Rings” as part of a medley and wanted to have the final say on the second song. According to a source who spoke to Variety, Grande felt “insulted” and decided to to skip the Grammys entirely.The awkward public spat played out as Grande’s image was still used on billboards and ads for the Grammys. “Passed a Grammy’s bus with my face on it typing those,” she wrote on Twitter on Thursday. Grande was also nominated for Best Pop Vocal Performance for “God Is A Woman,” but lost out in that category to Lady Gaga’s “Joanne (Where Do You Think You’re Goin’?)”.


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Just In Time For Grammys Parties, Drake Introduces New Champagne


The rapper and producer has been nominated for seven Grammys; if he wins on Sunday, it’s a sure bet which bubbly he’ll be popping.

To his 53.4 million Instagram followers, he’s @ChampagnePapi, and now Drake owns a bubbly line to back up his popular handle. The Canadian rapper and producer – up for seven Grammy Awards this Sunday, including Album of the Year for Scorpion – is also becoming known for his talent in wines and spirits. His latest debut is Mod Sélection, a line of Champagnes he’s creating with Brent Hocking, the West Hollywood-based wines and spirits producer best known for launching DeLeón Tequila in 2009. The first two releases, Mod Réserve (a white Champagne) and Mod Rosé, have arrived on store shelves and are priced between $300 and $400 per bottle. From the juice to the bottle design, every detail is meant to position Mod Sélection at the top of the price spectrum. (Bottles of Jay-Z’s Armand de Brignac, nicknamed Ace of Spades, can be found at similar price points in NV or non-vintage, and Rosé.)

“After meeting Brent, you pretty much become an expert by association, but I’ve always loved Champagne and had a palate for luxury spirits,” Drake told The Hollywood Reporter of his partnership with Hocking, adding that it was born from a referral by someone who saw the two men as kindred spirits, no pun intended. “Early on, somebody was like, I know the equivalent to you in the spirits business, a guy who relentlessly dedicates his entire existence the most authentic, the most innovative, the best of everything. That was how we became partners, but we’ve been friends for years and years … we have many things that we’ve always wanted to do, and this was always at the top.”

Hollywood’s relationship with the wine and spirits industry has resulted in a variety of high-profile partnerships–John Legend’s LVE Wines, Ryan Reynolds and Aviation Gin, and George Clooney and Rande Gerber’s Casamigos Tequila, which they developed and heavily promoted before selling the ultra-premium spirit to alcohol giant Diageo in 2017 for up to $1 billion (the final figure is dependent on sales over 10 years).

Not unlike those examples, Drake wanted to directly involve himself in something he genuinely loves, Hocking says. “What drew me to Drake was that he clearly was interested in how I was making it, how I was designing it,” he notes. “He didn’t want to be just a bystander, someone who thinks all he has to do are some social-media posts. He wanted to come to blind tastings with me, he wanted to be intimately involved in every aspect. This has been his passion project.”

The pair first met in 2013 to discuss developing a Champagne, but Hocking cautioned his new partner that the right sparkling wine might require several years from concept to finished bottle. “I had already been working on a Champagne after finding a family that had only distributed in France,” Hocking explains of the winery, located in the Vallée de la Marne and dating back to 1892. “They had an exquisite product that the world wasn’t aware of, and I knew we could develop the most beautiful, high-quality Champagne together.”

“The juice is always the most important thing, and Brent is the guy you want to depend on when it comes to that,” Drake says. While waiting for their Champagne to mature, Drake and Hocking partnered on another project: Virginia Black Whiskey, which launched in 2016. The 80-proof whiskey has received high marks both for its smooth taste and the upscale look of its bottle, crafted of etched glass and topped with a gold cap.

The pair took a similarly luxe approach to the design for their Champagne bottles. “A bottle like this never existed before,” Hocking says of the design, a handcrafted bottle in a metallic chocolate hue, etched in a delicate floral pattern also intended so no two are exactly alike. Above a pewter label, the foil is embossed with a snakeskin pattern; the bottle is then housed in a suede-lined leather gift box that’s meant to be a keepsake. “We wanted to create something you would want to hang onto after the fact, another detail that went into creating a Champagne gift that felt truly special,” Hocking adds.

The name Mod Sélection takes its name from the idea of “a modern interpretation of the tradition, heritage and elegance that is Champagne,” Hocking says. Plans are in the works for follow-up debuts to Mod Réserve and Mod Rosé, including magnum and double-magnum bottles before the end of March, as well as blanc de blanc and blanc de noir Champagnes and limited-edition cuvees.

“This is a product that has been years and years in the making,” Drake points out. “Authenticity is probably the best word we continue to use. It’s a genuine bond, a genuine connection, something that we fully believe in and fully stand behind.”


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GLAAD Media Awards: Madonna to Be Honored With Advocate for Change Award


The pop singer will become the second person and first woman to ever receive the honor.

GLAAD, the world’s largest LGBTQ media advocacy organization, has announced that it will honor Madonna at the 30th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York City on May 4. The singer will receive the Advocate for Change Award and become the ceremony’s second person and first woman to ever receive this honor.

The award was previously given to President Bill Clinton in 2013 for his advocacy work to overturn the anti-LGBTQ Defense of Marriage Act and advance marriage equality nationwide.

“Madonna always has and always will be the LGBTQ community’s greatest ally and it is only fitting to honor and celebrate our biggest advocate at GLAAD’s biggest event ever,” said GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. “From the HIV crisis to international LGBTQ issues, she fearlessly pushes for a world where LGBTQ people are accepted. Her music and art have been life-saving outlets for LGBTQ people over the years and her affirming words and actions have changed countless hearts and minds.”

The organization credits the pop singer for continuously supporting the LGBTQ community, given that she has performed at AIDS benefit concerts, included a leaflet in her album Like a Prayerentitled “The Facts about AIDS,” in which she gave fans crucial information about AIDS, and avidly speaks out against anti-LGBTQ laws, policies and practices. When presenting Anderson Cooper with the Vito Russo Award at the 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in 2013, the singer famously dressed as a Boy Scout in protest of the Boy Scouts of America’s ban on LGBTQ people. This past New Year’s Eve, Madonna also gave a surprise performance at the Stonewall Inn, a historic venue for LGBTQ rights, to celebrate its upcoming anniversary and, in her words, “50 years of revolution.”

Along with GLAAD celebrating the 30th anniversary of the GLAAD Media Awards this year, Madonna is commemorating a special anniversary. Her fourth studio album, Like a Prayer, which went quadruple platinum and has cultivated myriad LGBTQ anthems, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

Last month, GLAAD announced the nominees for the upcoming GLAAD Media Awards. Blockers, Crazy Rich Asians, Deadpool 2, The Girl in the Spider’s Web and Love, Simon were among the Hollywood titles that received nods.

The Hollywood Reporter also received a nod for Outstanding Magazine Article for a feature titled “21 Transgender Stars, Creators Sound Off on Hollywood: ‘I Want to Portray These Characters, and I’m Ready,'” written by Chris Gardner, Rebecca Sun, Lindsay Weinberg, Joelle Goldstein and Bryan White. THR will compete in the category with “Can a Transgender Woman Get Justice in Texas?” by Nate Blakeslee (Texas Monthly); “Ex-Scientologist Michelle LeClair Says Church Officials Humiliated Her After She Came Out as Gay” by Johnny Dodd, Tierney McAfee (People); “Lena Waithe is Changing the Game” by Jacqueline Woodson (Vanity Fair) and “They are the Champions” by Katie Barnes (ESPN the Magazine). The 30th annual GLAAD Media Awards, presented by Delta Air Lines, Gilead and Ketel One Family-Made Vodka, will be held March 28 at the Beverly Hilton in L.A., and May 4 at the New York Hilton Midtown in New York City.

5 Ways Kylie Jenner’s Life Has Changed In The Year Since Announcing Stormi’s Birth


Yesterday marked one year since Kylie Jenner surprised the world by announcing that she’d given birth to a baby girl named Stormi.

And it’s safe to say that Kylie’s life has changed considerably since then. Here’s how.

1. She’s become more private.

In the months before she became pregnant, Kylie revealed an aching desire to come off social media and disappear, move to a farm and have babies free from the constraints of paparazzi and media attention.

"I just want to run away," she said during an episode of The Life of Kylie. "This fame thing? I don't know who I'm doing it for." Well, once she became pregnant, Kylie appeared to make strides towards achieving that private life. For six months of her pregnancy, Kylie managed to evade the paparazzi, stayed off social media and refused to confirm or deny the reports that she was pregnant.

“I just want to run away,” she said during an episode of The Life of Kylie. “This fame thing? I don’t know who I’m doing it for.” Well, once she became pregnant, Kylie appeared to make strides towards achieving that private life. For six months of her pregnancy, Kylie managed to evade the paparazzi, stayed off social media and refused to confirm or deny the reports that she was pregnant.

And Stormi’s birth announcement was the first step in continuing this quest for privacy.

Unlike all seven of the other Kardashian pregnancies and births, Kylie chose to control her narrative and announced the arrival of Stormi on her own social media accounts rather than via an exclusive magazine deal or Keeping Up With The Kardashians special. What’s more, she waited three whole days after giving birth to confirm Stormi’s arrival.

The fact she managed to contain the news was no mean feat, with even Kim Kardashian remarking how astounding the lack of leak was, and how pleased she felt that Kylie was able to make the news public in her own time, on her own terms.

Kylie has also continued to evade the paparazzi over the last year.

Kylie has been photographed less than 20 times since giving birth — a huge reduction compared with her pre-pregnancy life when she was papped daily. Even more impressive is the fact that Stormi has never been photographed by the paparazzi. Each and every image we've seen of her has been a candid shot posted on Instagram — and for a while, Kylie stopped doing that too.

Getty Images


Kylie has been photographed less than 20 times since giving birth — a huge reduction compared with her pre-pregnancy life when she was papped daily. Even more impressive is the fact that Stormi has never been photographed by the paparazzi. Each and every image we’ve seen of her has been a candid shot posted on Instagram — and for a while, Kylie stopped doing that too.

Plus Kylie has been more selective about the press access she allows.

Kylie has given just a handful of interviews over the past year, and reserved access for only a few elite publications — Forbes, Vogue, LOVE, Glamour and GQ.

2. She’s kinda broken away from the ~Kardashian brand~

Getty Images

When the 15th season of KUWTK hit our screens last August, it became clear that Kylie had made the unprecedented decision against documenting her pregnancy and birth on the show.

While there was an episode charting Stormi’s arrival, all of the footage in which Kylie appeared was shot after she’d given birth, and the moment Stormi came into the world was taken directly from the “To Our Daughter” video that Kylie released on YouTube seven months earlier and had been viewed 80 million times. In other words, it seems KUWTK wasn’t granted any ~exclusive~ pregnancy content.

And Kylie appeared to withdraw from season 15 of KUWTKalmost entirely.

While she's never had as central a role as her Kardashian sisters, Kylie has been present in the majority of episodes since KUWTK's launch in 2007. However, after giving birth Kylie was virtually absent from the entirety of season 15, featuring in just three out of 16 episodes.


While she’s never had as central a role as her Kardashian sisters, Kylie has been present in the majority of episodes since KUWTK’s launch in 2007. However, after giving birth Kylie was virtually absent from the entirety of season 15, featuring in just three out of 16 episodes.

3. She’s more popular on Instagram than ever before

The public have come to expect a level of access to the Kardashian/Jenners that Kylie disregarded in her disappearance from social media and public view during her pregnancy. This could have dented her popularity, but it seems the opposite is true. In fact, on Instagram alone her reach has soared.

Over the past year, her Instagram followers have shot up by 25 million, meaning her account is now the seventh most popular on the platform.

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¿Por qué critican show de Maroon 5 en el Super Bowl?


La presentación de Maroon 5 durante el Super Bowl, en la final de fútbol americano, desató una oleada de críticas como pocas veces se había visto en los últimos años. Sin duda, la polémica comenzó cuando eel líder del popular grupo de pop rock, Adam Levine, se quitó la camisa luciendo tatuajes, incluido uno con el nombre del estado de California. El espectáculo calificado como mediocre, por la agencia Efe, solo brilló por unos momentos a ritmo de tambores con el tema Girls Like You. En redes sociales, por su parte, critican que los integrantes de la banda ignoraron la polémica racial que rodeó el partido, que le dio el título a Los Patriots. Maroon 5 recurrió a los éxitos del disco Songs About Jane con el que debutaron en 2002. Tocaron Harder to Breathe, This Love y She Will Be Loved, momento en el que unas linternas de papel dibujaron en el cielo la palabra Love.

Sin embargo, para muchos, el mejor momento llegó a mitad de la actuación cuando un coro y un grupo de músicos con tambores se unieron a Levine para entonar el single que lanzaron el año pasado Girls Like You, que en la grabación cuenta como invitada con la rapera de origen latino Cardi B.

La Liga Nacional de Fútbol Americano (NFL) mostró durante unos segundos unas imágenes del personaje de animación Bob Esponja, para homenajear a su creador, Stephen Hillenburg, que murió el pasado mes de noviembre a los 57 años. Bob Esponja y Maroon 5 no fueron las únicas estrellas del intermedio del “Super Bowl”. Los raperos Travis Scott y Big Boi también saltaron sobre el escenario. Ninguno de los artistas hizo referencia a la polémica racial que rodea la final del Superbowl y su actuación no tuvo ninguna sorpresa, evitando a la liga de fútbol americano cualquier dolor de cabeza.

La presentación de Maroon 5 estuvo por debajo de lo esperado por los televidentes y el público asistente. FOTO AFP

La presentación de Maroon 5 estuvo por debajo de lo esperado por los televidentes y el público asistente.

Ninguno de los artistas hizo referencia a la polémica racial que rodea la final del Super Bbowl y su actuación no tuvo ninguna sorpresa, evitando a la liga de fútbol americano cualquier dolor de cabeza.

La polémica lleva el nombre del jugador Colin Kaepernick del equipo San Francisco 49ers que, el 27 de agosto de 2016, decidió mantenerse arrodillado mientras sonaba el himno nacional de Estados Unidos en protesta por los excesos de la policía con la comunidad negra, causa de numerosas muertes polémicas en los últimos años.

Dos años y cinco meses después de su gesto, Kaepernick no ha sido contratado por ningún equipo profesional desde marzo 2017 debido a un supuesto boicot de la NFL y, además, ahora existe una nueva normativa que obliga a los jugadores a estar de pie durante el himno. En las últimas semanas la tensión ha ido creciendo y los que respaldan a Kaepernick llegaron a recolectar unas 114.000 firmas para pedir a Maroon 5 que no actuara en la final deportiva. La otra cara del “Superbowl”, además del deporte, fueron los anuncios publicitarios que lucieron, entre otros, los rostros de Harrison Ford, convertido en el gruñón dueño de un perro en un anuncio de Amazon.

La cadena CBS, que retransmitió el partido este año, se embolsó entre 5,1 y 5,3 millones de dólares por 30 segundos de anuncio. Los Patriots de Nueva Inglaterra se proclamaron campeones de la 53 edición del Super Bowl al vencer por 3-13 a los Rams de Los Ángeles.

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La familia de Michael Jackson desacredita el documental ‘Leaving Neverland’, en el que se acusa al cantante de abusos

Michael Jackson performs in front of 60,000 fans in Tel Aviv, Sunday, Sept. 13, 1993. (AP Photo/Jerome Delay)

Hay un nuevo documental sobre Michael Jackson en el que dos hombres cercanos al cantante, Wade Robson y James Safechuck, narran los supuestos abusos sexuales que sufrieron por parte del artista, lo que habría incluido sexo anal y manipulación para mantener los abusos en secreto según su testimonio. El documental dura 4 horas, se llama ‘Leaving Neverland’, ha sido dirigido por Dan Reed y se acaba de estrenar en el Festival de Sundance con los protagonistas de cuerpo presente.

La familia de Michael Jackson ha emitido un comunicado en el que desacreditan estas informaciones, tildando a Wade Robson y a James Safechuck de “mentirosos”. “Los dos acusadores declararon bajo juramento que estos sucesos nunca ocurrieron.

No han aportado evidencia alguna ni pruebas en apoyo de sus acusaciones, lo que significa que toda la película se sostiene únicamente en el testimonio de dos personas cometiendo perjurio”.El largo comunicado reproducido por Pitchfork indica que “esto no es un documental, sino el tipo de tabloide que quiso acabar con Michael Jackson durante su vida y ahora durante su muerte”. Critica que se presenten “acusaciones sin corroborar de hace 20 años como hechos” y que el propio director de la cinta haya reconocido que solo ha querido hablar con los acusadores y sus familias y no con otras fuentes, “evitando entrevistar a mucha gente que durante años pasó un tiempo significativo con Michael Jackson y que ha declarado sin ambigüedades que trataba a los niños con respeto sin hacerles daño”. La familia de Michael cree que eso no cabía en “la narrativa que el director quería vender”.

Se recuerda que Wade Robson negó durante 20 años haber sufrido abusos y que su familia “se benefició de la generosidad de Michael hasta que este murió”. Afirman incluso que su declaración de ahora está relacionada con el hecho de haber quedado fuera de la producción del Circo del Sol sobre Michael Jackson. El comunicado termina condenando el abuso de menores, pero apunta que desde 2013 tanto Wade Robson como James Safechuck solo “piensan en dinero” subrayando que tienen una empresa juntos. Las últimas palabras son para recordar que Jackson fue declarado inocente en vida por un jurado, recordando la sentencia de junio de 2005 sobre otro caso de abusos que fue desestimado.


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Mac Miller’s parents will reportedly attend Grammys in his honour


Mac Miller’s parents are reportedly attending the Grammys in his honour, with the late rapper being nominated in the Best Rap Album category.

The 61st Grammys  – hosted by Alicia Keys – will be held at Los Angeles’ Staples Center next month, after taking place in New York last year. Among the nominees are the likes of the likes of Shawn Mendes, Janelle Monae and Cardi B. Mac Miller, who passed away last September, is up for Best Rap Album for his 2018 album ‘Swimming’. Also nominated in the category are Cardi B (‘Invasion of Privacy’), Nipsey Hussle (‘Victory Lap’), Pusha-T (‘Daytona’), and Travis Scott (‘Astroworld’). Christian Clancy, who had managed Miller since 2013, said: “Managing Mac was about building a safety net around him – to allow him to be who he wanted to be, to make music that represented who he was without the fear of expectations or need for instant gratification. He had money and success but he craved importance: the ability to show depth, to cement a legacy.” Clancy concluded by saying that Miller “was a spark to so many people”, adding: “In a world dominated by ego, he led with the soul and lived by focusing on similarities rather than differences – that’s a lesson we all could use.”


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The Killers return with new single “Land of the Free” and Spike Lee-directed video: Stream


The Killers were spotted in the recording studio in December, and now we know why. Brandon Flowers and his Las Vegas-bred outfit have released a new single titled “Land of the Free”.

Debuted on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 program, the track sees The Killers taking a strong political stance, singing about what should be — despite Donald Trump’s warped views — the country’s commitment to freedom and diversity. “When I go out in my car, I don’t think twice/ But if you’re the wrong color skin (I’m standing crying)/ You grow up looking over both your shoulders,” Flowers sings on the piano-led song, which also features the stirring vocals of a gospel choir. He then goes on to comment on the broken criminal justice system of the US, specifically our prisons. “In the land of the free/ We got more people locked up than the rest of the world/ Right here in red white and blue/ Incarceration’s become big business, it’s harvest time out on the avenue.”

Flowers later directly addresses Trump’s border wall:

We got a problem with guns
In the land of the free
Down at the border, they’re gonna put up a wall
Concrete and rebar steel beams
High enough to keep all those filthy hands off of our hopes and our dreams

Take a listen to “Land of the Free” below via its music video, directed by Spike Lee, whom we recently crowned Filmmaker of the Year. For the video, Lee traveled to the U.S./Mexico border to capture scenes of migrant families.

In an interview with Lowe, Flowers dove further into the topics of gun reform and racially-charged police brutality:

I think it is a very important time right now and “enough is enough” was basically where it comes from. It started in my mind around when Sandy Hook happened and as a father, how that affected me, and then it just started stacking up. It was things like Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, things like what’s happening at the wall. You know this stuff just didn’t seem to be in harmony with the values that I believe my country was founded on. I would start the song and then I would put it away and say, “I’m not the guy to do this.” Or I would feel inadequate, waiting for … Somebody’s going to write this song. And then it just piled up and I finally just, you know, Las Vegas, Orlando, Parkland and it just kept coming. It was just like I’ve gotta, have to get this out.

He also talked about collaborating with Lee:

It’s a Spike Lee joint. I never thought that I would be a part of a Spike Lee joint. I had just recently seen BlacKkKlansman and watched Do the Right Thing on an airplane. It was just like, “We got to ask him to do this video.” He said, “Yes.” And it was just an incredible thing to collaborate with him. He’s a master obviously. Some of these issues are obviously very close to his heart, and he just hit it out of the park, and it’s incredible.

The Killers’ last album came with Wonderful Wonderful from 2017. Speaking with Lowe, Flowers said the band’s new album will likely arrive in 2020. “In a perfect world, I could see the end of the year having something, but it’s probably more likely that it would be early 2020,” he explained.

Last year, they celebrated the 10th anniversary of Day & Age, as well as released a career-spanning vinyl box set.

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Rihanna is suing her father for exploiting their family name


Robyn Rihanna Fenty, mejor conocida como Rihanna, ha tomado la fuerte decisión de demandar a su padre por utilizar su apellido, Fenty, en una empresa que lleva años funcionando y que en varias ocasiones ha utilizado a la cantante para ganar fuertes cantidades de dinero.

RiRi, quien a pesar de haber iniciado su carrera como cantante se ha convertido en una gran empresaria, cuenta con varias marcas que llevan por nombre su apellido, como Fenty Beauty,la cual, al igual que la de lencería y zapatos, se ha vuelto tan popular que incluso han hecho que gane más dinero de lo que generaba con su música. El problema fue que su padre, Ronald Fenty, ha utilizado su apellido y la imagen de la también actriz para hacer una empresa llamada Fenty Entertainment, nacida en 2017, la cual se ha dedicado a hacer negocios a nombre de ella y con la que ha cerrado el trato, entre otras cosas, de una gira de conciertos de la cantante por Latinoamérica, a cambio de 15 millones de dólares. 

Por esta razón, Rihanna ha decidido denunciarlo por supuesto fraude y falsa propaganda. Según los documentos presentados el día de hoy en la corte federal de los Los Ángeley anunciados por el sitio de noticias, The Blast, el padre de la intérprete ha hecho tratos utilizándola, a pesar de que ella nunca estuviera involucrada en el proyecto.

Rihanna ha dejado claro en la denuncia que a pesar de haber hablado varias veces con su padre para que dejara de usar su nombre en negociaciones, él hizo caso omiso y continuó. “Él no tiene y nunca tuvo autoridad para actuar a nombre de ella”, se lee en los documentos. Lamentablemente la barbadense de 30 años cree que su padre está utilizando su fama para generar dinero. Por esta razón, exige que la corte le prohíba a su Ronald Fenty utilizar el apellido muto para evitar futuras confusiones. También ha pedido una cifra, no especificada, para cubrir los daños y perjuicios. 

Se sabe que la relación de ella con su papá nunca ha sido la mejor. Pues según The Daily Mail, él tiene fuertes problemas de alcoholismo y adicción a las drogas, por lo tanto han hecho que tengan varias discusiones, incluso lo han expulsado de eventos en donde Rihanna está presente para evitar confrontaciones. Además, ella también ha mencionado en otras entrevistas que su padre golpeaba a su madre durante su infancia.

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Lady Gaga y Bradley Cooper se unen a los presentadores de los Globos de Oro 2019


a noche más divertida de Hollywood ya está a dos días. Los Globos de Oro de 2019, la primera gran antesala a los Óscar, arrancan la temporada de premios de la industria cinematográfica estadounidense y ya sabemos que estrellas como Jessica Chastain , Sam Rockwell, Saoirse Ronan, Harrison Ford, Idris Elba, Gary Oldman, Octavia Spencer y más,
asistirán a la ceremonia a presentar algunas de las categorías, y a esta lista de luminarias acaban de añadirse los protagonistas de Nace Una Estrella – 92%, que se han robado los reflectores desde finales del año pasado como favoritos para las respectivas ternas en las que van a competir: Lady Gaga y Bradley Cooper.

El éxito con la crítica de Nace Una Estrella – 92%, el drama musical con el que Cooper debutó como director y Gaga como estelar, los llevó a conseguir nominaciones en las categorías a Mejor Actriz de Drama, Mejor Actor de Drama, Mejor Director y otra al filme por Mejor Película Dramática. Es por ello que no resulta extraño que ambos no sólo aparezcan como invitados sino que suban al escenario a presentar otros apartados, ya sea juntos o con alguien más.

Los Globos de Oro, que premia lo mejor del cine y televisión de Estados Unidos y todo lo que se estrene en ese país, según el criterio de la Asociación de Prensa Extranjera de Hollywood, es una de las ceremonias con más tiempo de duración debido a su gran número de categorías y es por ello que no tienen shows musicales, por lo que tendremos que esperar hasta los Óscar para ver a la pareja cantar el tema “Shallow”, de la película que también ha sido nominado a Mejor Canción Original.

Además de los actores que mencionamos arriba como presentadores en la noche de gala, se incluyen también los nombres de Emma Stone y Olivia Colman, esta última una favorita de las ternas previas a la ceremonia justamente por su trabajo en La Favorita – 96% de Yorgos Lanthimos, filme inglés sobre la reina Anne de Inglaterra y la lucha entre sus cortesanas por ganarse la simpatía de la monarca. Esta película está nominada a Mejor Película de Comedia, así como a Mejor Actriz y Mejor Actriz de Reparto por su elenco que ha deslumbrado a la crítica con las actuaciones que entregaron en la cinta ganadora del Gran Premio del Jurado en la Mostra de Venecia 2018.

Steve Carell, de la película Vice de Adam McKay, que fue una de las cintas más nominadas en esta edición del premio, también será uno de los conductores de la noche. Esta película trata sobre el vicepresidente de George Bush Jr., Dicky Chenney (Christian Bale) y explica cómo es que ese hombre se convirtió en uno de los más poderosos de la historia de Estados Unidos y cómo fue que llevó al país a la guerra de Irak al permitírsele supervisar la política internacional así como otros rubros de gran importancia gubernamental.

A diferencia del escándalo por la elección de Kevin Hart como showman de los Óscar 2019, los Globos de Oro serán conducidos, sin mayor problema, por la actriz Sandra Oh, que está también nominada por su papel protagónico en la serie Killing Eve – 97%, y Andy Samberg, comediante y exestrella de Saturday Night Live. Ambos fueron una de las parejas favoritas de presentadores en la pasada entrega del Emmy y su elección para la ceremonia de estos premios fue bien recibida.

Los Globos de Oro 2019, que realizan este año su edición número 76, serán transmitidos en Estados Unidos a través de la cadena NBC este domingo a las 19:30 pm y en México y el resto de América Latina podrán ser vistos en el canal de paga TNT.

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