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El desfile de Victoria’s Secret no se verá más por televisión y aún os sabemos el futuro del show


El declive en interés del desfile de Victoria’s Secret es algo que se veía venir. Y la compañía ha informado de que dejará de emitir su famoso show por televisióntras casi 20 años de lencería sexy, diseños de fantasía, cuerpos perfectos y muchas plumas. El anteriormente evento de moda más visto por televisión, había caído en audiencia en los últimos años. Aún no sabemos si los ángeles perderán su alas o si Victoria’s Secret buscará una manera de seguir transmitiendo el espectáculo de alguna otra manera.

Como informa Les Wexner, CEO de L Brands (grupo al que pertenece Victoria’s Secret), «la moda es un negocio en continuo cambio, debemos evolucionar y cambiar para crecer. Así que vamos a repensar el tradicional desfile de Victoria’s Secret de cara a 2019 y a los años posteriores, desarrollando contenido excitante y dinámico en un nuevo tipo de evento y empujar las fronteras de la moda a la era digital y global».

Ahora el desfile se transmitía por televisión días después de haberse filmado, pero para entonces las imágenes y vídeos vía redes sociales hacían que el show perdiera interés. Victoria’s Secret sigue siendo la firma de lencería más vendida en EEUU pero su nivel de hype ha ido cayendo en los últimos años. El show antes era todo un espectáculo mundial y llegó alcanzar a una audiencia de 10 millones en 2013, mientras que en 2018 cayó hasta los 3,3 millones de tele-espectadores. Así es Lorena Durán, la nueva modelo curvy española de Victoria’s Secret. Sin embargo, las críticas hacia la firma de lencería iban más allá, ya que siempre se ha pedido que el desfile fuera más inclusivo, mostrando una mayor diversidad de tallas o cuerpos, evitando la cosificación del cuerpo de la mujer o incluso apostando por una visibilidad transgénero.

Who will kill Queen Daenerys in the ‘Game of Thrones’ finale?


Game of Thrones Season 8, episode 5. 

So, uh… who gets to kill Dany?

In Game of Thrones’ penultimate episode, we watched the once beloved Mother of Dragons go full Mad Queen, barbecuing innocent civilians, the Lannister army, and a sizable portion of King’s Landing out of sheer spite. Her enemies had already surrendered, no more blood needed to be shed, and yet she went full-flamethrower anyway. It was a very bad look.

Now, two things are crystal clear: First, Varys was totally right (sorry, buddy.) Second, there’s no way in hell Dany is surviving this finale.

Here are some of our favorite theories on how The Unburnt will go up in flames in Thrones’ last chapter, finally taking her rightful place as the series’ Biggest Bad.

Jon betrays Dany thanks to the Azor Ahai prophecy


Long-time Melisandre stans are still waiting on The Prince That Was Promised to do whatever it is he was promising. In the series’ final episode, that moment could finally come.

The full history behind this bit of Thrones lore is markedly complex, and has yet to be resolved in the books. In the simplest of terms and as it applies here: If Jon Snow is in fact Azor Ahai come again as Melisandre believed, then to fulfill The Legend of Lightbringer he will have to do a number of things — not the least of which involves making an ominous sacrifice.

That sacrifice could very well involve killing the woman he loves for the good of the realm and taking his rightful place as King. But whether or not Jon has the guts to take on the title of Queenslayer remains to be seen.

However, if that Lord of Light prophesy is to be resolved during the series’ run, then it has to happen during the finale, and it might as well happen to Jon.

Tyrion makes an executive decision


The Queen’s Hand has had a rough go of it since taking on the job in Season 6 — and while he’s not mad (just disappointed) it could be time for Tyrion to take matters into his own hands.

After watching Dany murder his friend Varys, both of his siblings, and thousands of innocents in Episode 5, Tyrion has all the motivation needed to commit treason against the once promising Targaryen Queen. But how would he do it?

While we’re rooting for a cross-bow on the toilet situation à la Tywin Lannister, it is far more likely that Tyrion would conspire with other dissenters to assassinate Dany. We could see Brienne, Podrick, Tormund, Sam, really any surviving character offering to help out at this point. Seriously, she messed up.

House Stark takes the Iron Throne


With a disproportionate amount of the remaining cast hailing from House Stark, it’s not too late to place one of these northerners on the Iron Throne — and consequently, on Team «Let’s Murder the New Queen.»

Arya and Sansa have more than a few reasons to want Dany dead, and Bran (aka ruler of all that is weird, but generally reasonable) likely also sees the major threat she poses to The Seven Kingdoms.

NEWSWIRE Study confirms young people will quit Netflix if it gets rid of The Office or Friends, they swear


«Game Of Thrones» Stars Are Bidding Farewell To Their Characters And It’s A Lot To Take In


Game Of Thrones» Stars Are Bidding Farewell To Their Characters And It’s A Lot To Take In

«I love you, ya big weirdo.»

If you’re reading this, then I probably already know two things about you:

1) You’re a Game of Thrones fan.

2) You’ve been on edge for the past five weeks, anxiously trying to figure out everything that has happened and everything that will happen during the final season.

Don’t worry, we’re in this together, but can we all agree episode five left us all feeling a plethora of emotions, like misery, confusion, and anger, just to name a few?

King’s Landing wasn’t ready for the destruction and bloodshed that came its way, and honestly, neither was I.


We lost Cersei and Jaime Lannister, who were crushed to death in each other’s arms as the castle crumbled to the ground.


Euron Greyjoy, who died in an one-on-one fight with Jaime.


And The Hound also died alongside his brother, The Mountain, when they fought in their long overdue battle, known as the Cleganebowl.


So, this was me by the end of the episode:


But you know what’s managed to keep me sane throughout it all? Seeing these touching tributes they shared about the fallen characters from Episode Five:

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau reminisced about the emotional roller coaster he rode with his on-screen lover and twin sister, Lena Headey…

…which warmed her heart.

And like Nikolaj, Lena used humor in her tribute message to him:

Pilou Asbaek had the best time working with Nikolaj, even if Nikolaj caused his demise.

Instagram: @undefined

And for the woman he risked it all for, Pilou was nothing but grateful.

Instagram: @undefined

With one episode left in the series and more bloodshed to come, it’s nice to see the cast in good spirits.




Esta semana comenzó la 72 edición del Festival de Cine de Cannes. A este magno evento acuden los artistas más reconocidos de la industria y además, por la alfombra roja desfilan las celebridades más hot del momento, y por supuesto, este año no fue la excepción. Los looks que los famosos usan en la red carpet siempre van de la mano con lo que está sucediendo en nuestra sociedad, además también es un buen pretexto para llevar las últimas tendencias. El año pasado los power suits y el color negro se apoderaron de la red carpet en honor al movimiento #TimesUp y hace tres años, los naked dress y las aplicaciones fueron el highlight.

Hasta el momento no hay ningún trend que sobresalga, sin embargo, ya tenemos nuestra lista de las mejor vestidas del primer día:

Selena Gomez en Louis Vuitton y joyería Bvlgari

Selena Gomez

La actriz triunfó en su regreso a las red carpets enfundada en look de dos piezas color crema firmado por la maison parisina. Para su beauty look optó por un updo pulido, labios rojos, cat eye y shimmer en los párpados.

Tilda Swinton en Haider Ackerman

Tilda Swinton

La actriz optó por un vestido de manga larga pleateado con lentejuelas. Complementó su look con un make up natural y labios rosas.

Alessandra Ambrosio en Ralph & Russo

Alessandra Ambrosio

La modelo lució un vestido transparente de un solo hombro y una apertura lateral que dejaba al descubierto su pierna izquierda.

Chloe Sevigny y joyería Chopard


La actriz usó un vestido negro strapless que dejaba al descubierto una parte de su top rosado. Complementó su look con una foulard que se convertía en guantes.

Elle Fanning en Gucci y joyería Chopard

Elle Fanning

La joven actriz que forma parte del jurado del Festival usó un vestido de seda con una flar en el abdomen y una capa enorme que se robó las miradas en la red carpet.


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Here’s What Moms Of Babies Named «Khaleesi» Think Of The Latest «Game Of Thrones» Episode


Last year, 560 female babies were named Khaleesi, making it the 549th most popular name for girls in the US.


Moms who named their baby daughter Khaleesi are shrugging off the character’s dark turn in Episode 5 of the final season of Game of Thrones, saying it doesn’t affect how they feel about the name. I’m just gonna warn you now, this whole post hinges on spoilers for the episode, so here’s your chance to click away.

In Season 8 Episode 5, which aired Sunday night, Daenerys Targaryen, aka Khaleesi, decided to burn thousands of innocent civilians who were trying to surrender.The move, to put it mildly, went against her character thus far in the show. Her character, in fact, has been so popular that hundreds of babies have been named after her since the show began airing in 2011.

Last year, 560 female babies were named Khaleesi, making it the 549th most popular name for girls in the US.There were also 20 baby girls named Khalessi, 15 named Khaleesia, 10 named Khalesi, five named Khaleesie, and five named Khalessy.People also name their daughters after her using her actual name, like the 163 female babies named Daenerys. There were also eight baby girls named Daenarys and seven named Danerys.The most popular Game of Thrones–related name is Arya, which jumped from #942 in 2010 to #119 in 2018. The more traditional spelling of the name, Aria, is currently the country’s 19th-most-popular name.

So, when Dany went from a noble warrior to a genocidal «Mad Queen,» many people wondered what mothers of baby Khaleesis thought about her character arc.

BuzzFeed News talked to a few moms who named their daughters Khaleesi, and all seemed pretty unbothered by the character’s murderous rampage.

Channy is mom to an 11-month-old Khaleesi. She said the episode was «intense» but she wasn’t upset with the storyline.

«She’s going for what she wants,» Channy said.


Neither was Nikki Sotto, mom to Khaleesi Lila. She said the episode didn’t change her opinion of the name at all, adding she and her husband picked it because they like the meaning: «queen.»

Sotto did say that she was «yelling at the TV the whole time» she watched the episode.

«What girl hasn’t overreacted when they see their whole world crumbling around them?» she said. «I feel for her. I’m just bummed Jon and her have to be related. I wanted them to live happily ever after.»

Nikki Sotto

Another mom of a Khaleesi, Shay, told BuzzFeed News that she hasn’t watched the episode yet because she is waiting for her husband to come back from deployment to watch it with him.

She said she named her daughter after the character because she admired her.

«The name is unique and I also wanted her to be like Khaleesi,» she said, «strong woman and rock her world and everyone obeying her.»

Other beings named Khaleesi, aka humans on behalf of their pets, also posted on social media defending their namesake.

«In case you wondered, No…Humommy does not regret naming me khaleesi cause I’m still a Queen,» «wrote» one Khaleesi kitty on Instagram.


Spotify también se sube al tren de las historias


Spotify está probando historias para que los artistas compartan más información sobre sus canciones. La prueba no está disponible para todos los artistas o usuarios.

Spotify también se sube al tren de las historias

Spotify es la última plataforma en subirse al tren de las historias, una característica que, si bien fue impulsada por Snapchat, encontró su máximo momento de esplendor en Instagram. Sin embargo, el servicio de música en streaming está probando esta función de una manera bastante diferente, ya que los usuarios no tienen la posibilidad de crear y compartir historias, pero sí los artistasStoryline, como han llamado a la función, permite que los artistas cuenten lo que hay detrás de una canción, ya sea los motivos que los llevaron a componerla o el proceso que atravesaron. Por lo tanto, cada pista puede tener una serie de historias que enriquezcan su información, ya que la integración con Genius ya ofrece algunos datos relevantes y la letra.

Para comprobar si eres uno de los afortunados puedes reproducir canciones como Bury a friend de Billie Eilish, Aura de SG Lewis o Sucker de los Jonas Brothers. Después, bastará con dirigirse a la pantalla de reproducción y deslizar para ver el contenido inferior. La Storyline está ubicada justo debajo de la sección de Genius.

Como se mencionó anteriormente, se trata de una herramienta en fase de pruebas que, en caso de tener éxito, seguramente se expandirá en toda la plataforma. Es curioso que las historias están mostrando información muy similar a la de Genius, por lo que probablemente sea un movimiento para prescindir de esa integración en el futuro.
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Brace yourselves: The trailer for Game of Thrones’ final episode has arrived


After deciding to rain fiery death on a city full of innocent civilians despite the city’s surrender, the newly christened “Mad Queen” now looks poised to take the Iron Throne for herself, concluding a narrative that saw her rise to power, only to become a villain greater than the one she deposed. The trailer takes a brief look at the aftermath of Daenerys’ rage and features a brief shot of Arya Stark, one of the characters who saw firsthand the terrifying toll it took on the city’s most vulnerable inhabitants. Although the show’s series finale will air this upcoming weekend, that won’t be the end of the saga inspired by author George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Firefantasy novels.

A Game of Thrones prequel series is currently in development and active casting with Kingsman: The Secret Service and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children screenwriter Jane Goldman attached as head writer and showrunner, and Martin himself also involved. The still-untitled series will be set thousands of years before the events of Game of Thrones and feature two-time Oscar nominee Naomi Watts in an unidentified lead role.

Episode 6 of Game of Thrones season 8 will air 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on Sunday, May 18, on HBO


91 Things I Screamed Or Rolled My Eyes About During “Game Of Thrones” Episode 5


1. I’d love it if we got through tonight without another dragon dying.

2. That’s probably wishful thinking, right?

3. Drogon’s pretty much at the top of my death pool.

4. Well, that «previously on» really set up the Mad Queen idea pretty hard.

5. Oh damn, Varys writing a scroll about the true heir to the Iron Throne. That usually doesn’t end well for people.

6. Varys is gonna get poor little Martha killed, isn’t he?

7. That’s not gonna go over well with Ser Davos, Protector of Children (But Frequently Failing At It).

8. Literally all Jon wants is a nap, the poor guy.

9. Honestly, bold move by Varys suggesting a coup to the queen’s frickin’ boyfriend.

10. I know everyone’s like «Mad Queen» this and «Mad Queen» that but literally everyone around Dany just makes dumb decisions all day.

11. «Hey Jon don’t tell anyone it’ll be a shit show.» And then what does he do?

12. He practically tweeted it.

13. Or maybe he told Sansa and SHE tweeted it.

14. I mean, hasn’t he SEEN Sophie Turner’s Instagram?

15. This is the most extra execution I’ve ever seen.

16. A cliffside? At night? With torches? They could’ve done this after breakfast TBH.

17. «Goodbye old friend.» Aww I kinda felt that one.

18. Oh, AND he’s being burned by Drogon? So fuckin’ unnecessarily extra.

19. Dany just called him Grey Worm in Valyrian: Torgo Nudho. Neat.

20. Tyrion probably should’ve had this conversation with Dany before he turned Varys in.

21. Oh shit, Jaime’s a prisoner?

22. Hahaha that’s what he gets.

23. I never get tired of Tyrion trying to speak Valyrian and failing miserably.

24. Jaime got caught because he didn’t take off his hand? Yep, stupidest Lannister.

25. Which makes me very concerned about Tyrion putting this plan in Jaime’s dumbass hands.

26. Peter Dinklage is kinda breaking my heart with this scene though.

27. Fuckin’ Euron. Those are the words that pop into my head every time he shows up. Just…fuckin’ Euron.

28. Man, Arya and the Hound made good time.

29. Shouldn’t Arya have a face on already?

30. Operation Human Shield is going nicely.

31. Man, Dany’s just going right in on them, huh?

32. If it was this easy, why didn’t she do it before?

33. They have varying degrees of aiming skills with those ballistas.

34. Like, there are about 30 of those things and they’re all firing one at a time.

35. LOL there goes the Golden Company.

36. That poor horse!

37. The horse didn’t sign up for the Golden Company. The horse is innocent in all this.

38. I’m suddenly very glad they didn’t have any elephants, that would’ve been sad.

39. Very satisfying watching the Golden Company Douche getting speared by Grey Worm, though.

40. Honestly they seem to be doing a great job taking down the army and wall defenses without burning any of the city.

41. So like, what’s the problem?

42. Damn, that’s a badass shot of Grey Worm, Jon, and Ser Davos.

43. Why does poor Davos have to keep fighting in these battles, though? He’s made it very clear he’s «not much of a fighter.»

44. Smart Lannister soldiers. Each Lannister soldier here is smarter than Jaime.

45. Somebody ring the damn bells already!

46. Isn’t people yelling «ring the bells» pretty much as good as ringing the bells?

47. I mean, the sentiment is there.

48. THERE we go.

49. This was very simple, Dany.

50. All you had to do was not burn the peasants.

51. Honestly, just burn the Keep, maybe? Cersei’s standing on a frickin’ balcony.

52. The audacity of Jon to act surprised.

53. But really, this turn from Dany is completely unearned, imo.

54. I get that your characters have to make mistakes for things to be interesting, but razing an entire city to the ground? Why?

55. The Keep is right there, dude.

56. We get it, War Is Bad.

57. Oh, and now we’re going to do a Jaime/Euron duel? OK.

58. Like, who cares? Honestly.

59. Bring back the Night King, TBH.

60. Look at Jaime, finally using his hand to his advantage.

61. Should I feel bad about Jaime being stabbed? I don’t.

62. Also what was Cersei’s fuckin’ plan here?

63. Honestly, Jaime and Euron BOTH dying is the ideal outcome here. So, yay!

64. Look at Sandor frickin’ Clegane being a good murder-dad!

65. So after all that, Arya just…does nothing? Goes home?


67. The only thing I still care about.

68. Oh fuck, that was a way for Qyburn to go out for sure.

69. Yeah, Cersei’s battle map mural seems like a good place for her to die.

70. So, maybe that’s still Jaime and not Arya in disguise.

71. Because that was a good stabbin’ spot.

72. You gotta go for the head, Sandor. That’s zombie 101.

73. OK, so yeah. Arya’s still wandering about. There goes THAT Cersei death theory.

74. She’s gonna assassinate Dany, isn’t she?

75. Gonna be annoying if she came all this way to die in a stampede.

76. Go for the head, Sandor!

77. Gouge his eyes out or something!

78. Worked for him, anyway.

79. The head, idiot!

80. Arm stabs will get you nowhere.

81. Oh wow, look, you stabbed him in the fucking head. And it fucking worked. Kinda.

82. Well, falling 200 feet into a pit of fire oughta finish that.


84. Has there ever been a character turn this unearned?

85. So the question here is how is Arya gonna assassinate a woman on a dragon?

86. I know she can jump, but that would be a stretch.

87. Honestly, they could have cut half this episode and it would’ve freed up plenty of budget for more scenes with Ghost.

88. «I want our baby to live.» Well you shoulda thought of that earlier, idiot.

89. Oh, so they just get unceremoniously buried in the dungeons? What happened to the whole Valonqar theory?

90. We’re gonna have to wait until next week for Arya to kill Dany, aren’t we?

91. Well, at least that one horse made it.



Primero, Kylie Jenner lanzó Kylie Cosmetics, la marca que la colocó como la self-made billonaire más joven de la historia. Poco tiempo después, su hermana, Kim Kardashian siguió sus pasos y estrenó KKW Beauty. Y ahora, de acuerdo con diversos informes, hay otro miembro del clan Kar-Jenner que planea incursionar en el mundo de los cosméticos: Kendall Jenner. La modelo presentó recientemente una patente de marca registrada para su propia firma de belleza homónima.

El 2 de mayo, Kendall presentó una marca comercial en la Oficina de Patentes y Marcas de EE. UU. La modelo registró “Kendall” y “Kendall Jenner”, según informa WWD. Ambos marcas registradas supuestamente serán para que Jenner puede lanzar diferentes  s productos dentro del espectro de belleza, incluyendo fragancias y productos para el cuidado del pelo, geles corporales y de baño, cremas, limpiadores faciales, máscaras de belleza, desodorantes, lipsticks, esmaltes de uñas, así que nos parece normal asumir que Kendall Beauty se acerca. Esta patente sugiere la primera incursión oficial de la modelo en la industria de la belleza. Actualmente, la única participación que Kendall tiene con este mercado es Moon, un firma que ofrece productos para el cuidado de los dientes en la que la estrella de reality show es co-creadora e imagen oficial de la marca.

Kendall también es la imagen de Proactiv y anteriormente fue el rostro de Esteé Lauder. La modelo también cuenta con su propia línea de moda de la mano de su hermana, Kylie Jenner. La firma se llama Kendall + Kylie y actualmente puedes encontrarla en Pac Sun, Macy’s, Nordstom y otras tiendas minoristas.

Sin embargo, el hecho de patentar su nombre y su apellido podría marcar su primer paso en solitario como empresaria. Así que lo más probable es que pronto Kylie Cosmetics y KKW Beauty tengan una nueva competencia.


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