The Weeknd Joins Maluma on «Hawái» Remix


Maluma has released the remix to his song “Hawái,” featuring The Weeknd singing in Spanish.

The song is taken from the Colombian artist’s fifth studio album Papi Juancho, which he surprise-dropped in late August.

The two teased something was in the works between them on Wednesday, with both artists sharing a photo that had fans hyped for what was in store.

“Bro, he killed it, because he’s a real artist,” Maluma told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe. “He’s a real artist, man, what he did in this song. For him, it was like he was doing reggaeton for his whole life. And I knew that his voice in the song could work amazing. And that’s what happened.”

Maluma continued, “At the beginning, when I listened to the first verse when he just started the song… I was like, ‘Bro, this sounds like The Weeknd’s song.’ I couldn’t believe how good it was mixing his vocals with my vocals. And man, yeah, I’m blessed. I’m very happy. This is a huge moment for the Latin culture though.”

“Hawái” has since peaked at No. 55 on the Billboard Hot 100; now, with a Weeknd remix, it’s poised to gain more steam. The Weeknd has also been doing his fair share of collaborations, his latest of which is Ariana Grande’s song “Off the Table” from her new album Positions.

Listen to the remix to “Hawái” and check out the video.


Source: Complex

Mariah Carey Has a Scary Holiday Message: ‘It’s Time!’


Halloween just ended, and Mariah Carey is eager to move on. On Sunday (Nov. 1), the pop superstar shared a creepy video on Twitter to usher in the new holiday season.

In the clip, which she simply captioned «Guess what?» with a snowflake emoji, a creepy monster in black with its mouth sewn shut creeps around and opens doors as chilling sounds play. A giant pink butterfly then appears on a white board before the scene cuts to a spiderweb-covered door featuring dripping blood, handprints and the words «not yet.»

As the ghoul reaches for the knob, the music becomes twinkling bells. The door opens and reveals … a cheery Christmas scene?!

In the newly revealed room is the five-time Grammy winner, a big smile on her face as she kneels on the «snow» while in her Christmas PJs, a beautifully decorated tree behind her. Mimi looks at her watch, then declares in a sing-song voice, «It’s time!» before cheering as her little pups look on.

As the snow — yes, indoor snow — falls, her song «All I Want for Christmas Is You» begins to play. The screen cuts to black with text to repeat her message: «IT’S TIME! (But let’s get through Thanksgiving first)»

Watch her video below:

Carey was already teasing fans with a Christmas project last month. On Oct. 9, she tweeted a photo of three directors chairs on a set, each featuring a set of initials: AG, MC, and JH. The photo was accompanied by only a Christmas tree emoji in the caption. She has yet to share who her collaborators will be, but popular guesses are Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson.

This article is originally from: Billboard