Lady Gaga Wants You to Create Your Own ‘Chromatica’ With Adobe Challenge

Lady Gaga
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Lady Gaga attends The 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp: Notes on Fashion at Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 6, 2019 in New York City.

Lady Gaga scored a Billboard 200 No. 1 album after creating her own world of Chromatica, so what do the Little Monsters win if they create their own Chromatica?

Well, Mother Monster partnered up with Adobe and Live Nation today (June 24) to challenge her fans to illustrate their inner world based on Gaga’s made-up planet rooted in equality.

«My fans have consistently shown their love and creativity through their art over the years, and always make me feel so happy and understood. I can’t wait to see what Chromatica means to them,» the Grammy award-winning singer said in a press release.

Creatives from all over the world can tap into their imagination with Photoshop, Illustrator, Spark and more Adobe applications to bring their abstract world to life while using exclusive assets curated by Gaga, such as her Chromatica-era photos, illustrations, logos, icons and typography. Once participants fully capture their visions, they can share them on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #LadyGagaxAdobe from today until the contest closes on July 21.

«Adobe’s mission has always been to empower people to express themselves creatively. Now more than ever, creativity is being used to speak out against inequality, cope in the midst of a pandemic, and, hopefully, build bridges with one another,» said Ann Lewnes, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Adobe, in the release. «Who better to join forces with than one of the most creative and compassionate people in the universe, Lady Gaga, to empower our community to build worlds that unite us all.»

One grand prize winner will receive a $10,000 cash prize, a high-quality print of their artwork autographed by the Chromatica artist herself, and a 12-month Adobe All-Apps Creative Cloud Subscription. Meanwhile, nine second-place winners will score a $400 cash prize, an autographed Gaga poster and a 3-month Adobe All-Apps Creative Cloud Subscription.

Everything We Know About Katy Perry’s Fifth Album

Katy Perry
Liza Voloshin

Katy Perry

Katy Perry might deliver her first baby with fiancé Orlando Bloom before or after her fifth studio album, but either way, the pop star has been preparing her KatyCats for both this summer.

The «KP5» singles keep sprouting on streaming services and her baby bump keeps growing since she debuted it in the «Never Worn White» music videofrom early March. So let’s retrace her steps before the pop star pops out both a baby and an album.

See below for everything we know about Perry’s fifth studio album so far.

The release date

KP5 comes out on August 14 via Capitol Records.

The singles

Although not the lead single, «Never Worn White» came out first out of this bunch of KP5 singles, a wedding-themed ballad about securing a lifelong love with Bloom.

Perry then dropped «Daisies» in mid-May, but the ray of sunshine beaming from it originated from her darkest times. «I wrote this song just like it’s another anthem for myself. I came out of a pretty dark time on [2017’s] Witness and I’ve been writing a record for two years,» she told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe on the release date. «I wrote some of it while I was clinically depressed and trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel. And when I’m writing songs like ‘Firework’ or ‘Roar,’ it’s not because I’m feeling hunky-dory. It’s literally because I am having really dark thoughts and trying to come out of it.»

During a remote interview with Connecticut radio station KC1010 in late June, Perry teased another single titled «Teary Eyes» and how it ties back to her goal of releasing a project during the coronavirus pandemic. «There was conversation about not putting it out this year. I was like, ‘We need some songs to dance through our tears through,» she said. «I mean, there is one song on the record called ‘Teary Eyes,’ and it’s really about just dancing through your tears. And I’m like, ‘Wow that really resonates. That slaps, that hits hard for me right now.’ So I’m excited for it. I’m excited for all of it.»

During her Amazon Live mini-concert and Q&A session, the singer-songwriter said every song on her upcoming project exemplified «resilience, redemption, joy and empowerment» and served as a supplemental kind of therapy with her actual therapy to deal with clinical depression.

The videos (and pregnancy announcement!) 

Her «Never Worn White» music video from early March gave the KatyCats the first glimpse of her baby bump, clarifying what she meant by a «jam packed summer.» But Perry told SiriusXM Hits 1 the real kicker about her pregnancy announcement coming in this specific clip. «Honestly, I was getting way too fat to hide it, so I was like, ‘Well, I think this song would be a great reveal! Let’s start there,» she joked with host Mike Piff. «And that’s how I communicate things — I communicate through music.»

When the 35-year-old pop star gave the powerful «Daisies» tune the music video treatment in mid-May, she exposed her gentle side while frolicking in a field of daisies and even caressing her then-smaller baby bump in a nude shot by a waterfall.

She later transformed into a faceless animated woman for the «Daisies» lyric videoshe released in late May that Vallee Duhamel studios created. Perry turned the sticks and stones thrown at her from her haters into a pink house on a grassy knoll before she defied gravity.

The merch

Perry joined the wave of artists selling name-brand face masks to combat the COVID-19 pandemic by customizing her personal protective equipment (PPE) with the «Daisies» signature print and song title. Proceeds from the face mask benefited DirectRelief.

Just in time for Mother’s Day this year, the «Daisies» singer opened up a digital flower shop called Katy’s Daisies that offers 12 free multicolored bouquet options.

The features

Perry’s kept her lips sealed about which artists might be featured on KP5, but she shut down the rumors that Taylor Swift‘s name would appear on the tracklist. «No, it’s not correct. But the fans are definitely excited for something like that to happen in the future and I’m always open,» she said in an interview with Hits Radio Breakfast.

Miley Cyrus Reveals She’s 6 Months Sober: ‘I Really Wanted to Polish Up My Craft’

Miley Cyrus
Mike Coppola/FilmMagic

Miley Cyrus attends the Tom Ford AW20 Show at Milk Studios on Feb. 7, 2020 in Hollywood, Calif.

Miley Cyrus celebrates being six months sober, which she talked about in a new interview today (June 23).

The 27-year-old pop star opened up about her sobriety milestone on iHeart and Variety‘s The Big Ticket podcast, where she discussed the dual impact of her vocal chord surgery in November 2019 and her parents’ family histories. «It’s been really important for me over the last year living a sober lifestyle, because I really wanted to polish up my craft. I had really big vocal surgery in November. I had freaking four weeks where I wasn’t allowed to talk,» Cyrus told Variety‘s Marc Malkin.

She recalled the doctor telling the former Hannah Montana star that she needed the surgery due to «over-use of the vocal chords,» which she understood to come from her rigorous touring schedule since she was a 12-year-old hit sensation also conducting fan meet-and-greets. Teasing herself as someone who «just talks a sh– ton,» Cyrus still remembers this quote from one of her past interviews, which she still sends to «big stoner» parents Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus: «Anyone that smokes weed is a dummy.» But the superstar did some research to make sense of her families’ habits.

«I’ve been sober sober for the past six months. At the beginning, it was just about this vocal surgery.… But I had been thinking a lot about my mother. My mom was adopted, and I inherited some of the feelings she had, the abandonment feelings and wanting to prove that you’re wanted and valuable,» the «Mother’s Daughter» singer said. «My dad’s parents divorced when he was three, so my dad raised himself. I did a lot of family history, which has a lot of addiction and mental health challenges. So just going through that and asking, ‘Why am I the way that I am?’ By understanding the past, we understand the present and the future much more clearly.»

She also debunked the stigma associated with being a young sober person and revealed her favorite part about her journey in the interview.

«It’s really hard because especially being young, there’s that stigma of ‘You’re no fun.’ It’s like, ‘Honey, you can call me a lot of things, but I know that I’m fun,'» Cyrus quipped. «The thing that I love about it is waking up 100%, 100% of the time. I don’t want to wake up feeling groggy. I want to wake up feeling ready.»