Demi Lovato’s “I Love Me” Is An Essential Self-Empowerment Anthem


Demi Lovato’s comeback is well and truly taking flight. The 27-year-old kicked things into motion with back-to-back performances at the Grammys and Super Bowl. The former saw her introduce an emotional ballad called “Anyone,” which rocketed into the Top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 without the benefit of a video or radio support. That’s an impressive feat. However, I have even higher expectations for new single “I Love Me.” Out today (March 6), it is a bop with a very important message. What’s that? Well, it finds Demi going to battle with a pesky habit of undervaluing herself.

“I’m a black belt when I’m beating up on myself. But I’m an expert at giving love to somebody else,” Demi belts out. “Me, myself and I don’t see eye to eye.” Hello, relatable content. She lays it all out on the chorus. “Why do I compare myself to everyone else? And I always got my finger on the self-destruct. I wonder when ‘I love me’ is enough?” The end result is an essential reminder to love ourselves more. As it turns out, that’s a theme she will explore more on DL7. The “Cool For The Summer” diva spilled some tea on the topic during an interview with New Music Daily on Apple Music.

“I feel like that’s obviously the goal for the rest of my life, you know,” she said. “It’s so important to always remember that. And I think because it, like I said in my song. I say, ‘Mine’s the only heart I’m gonna have for life.’ We really are all we have. At the end of the day when we enter this world and when we leave this world, our souls are all we have. It’s important to respect them, treat our bodies like temples, and love ourselves as much as possible.” Although Demi added that she’s still working on the LP, I’m hoping we get a follow-up to Tell Me You Love Me sometime this year.

In the meantime, I predict “I Love Me” could be a massive hit for her. The Anne-Marie co-written smash packs just as much personality as “Sorry Not Sorry” but feels more elevated. Could it become her first single to top the Hot 100? Nothing is guaranteed, but I’d love to see it happen. In the meantime press play and check out the equally powerful accompanying video below.


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Time To Get “Physical.” Dua Lipa Drops New Work Out Video


Dua Lipa really is generous. Earlier this week she announced plans for a new single called “Break My Heart.” And today (March 6) she is hitting us with a double dose of content. The 24-year-old teamed up with BROCKHAMPTON to join the New Music Friday lineup on a remix of the group’s “Sugar.” Her distinctive voice makes for a strong addition to the anthem. But that’s not all she has for us. The diva also rolled out a second video in support of current single “Physical.” This one plays on the banger’s ’80s-influenced production. How so? Well, for starters it’s work-out themed.

In it, the “New Rules” siren rocks a vibrant, retro-inspired look. And she leads a crew through a high-intensity routine that looks very similar to anything you’d see on a vintage step aerobics VHS. The end result is perfectly campy and sure to give the single a promotional boost. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it rejoining “Don’t Start Now” on the Billboard Hot 100 in the coming weeks. Speaking of, the disco-tinged lead single just keeps rising. It’s already her biggest hit on the chart to date (besting her breakout hit), and early projections have it launching into the Top 3 next week.

If it keeps growing at this rate, then it may top the chart by the time Future Nostalgia arrives next month. While we wait to see, check out both of Dua’s new releases below.

“Physical” Work Out Video

“SUGAR” Remix


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