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Who will kill Queen Daenerys in the ‘Game of Thrones’ finale?


Game of Thrones Season 8, episode 5. 

So, uh… who gets to kill Dany?

In Game of Thrones’ penultimate episode, we watched the once beloved Mother of Dragons go full Mad Queen, barbecuing innocent civilians, the Lannister army, and a sizable portion of King’s Landing out of sheer spite. Her enemies had already surrendered, no more blood needed to be shed, and yet she went full-flamethrower anyway. It was a very bad look.

Now, two things are crystal clear: First, Varys was totally right (sorry, buddy.) Second, there’s no way in hell Dany is surviving this finale.

Here are some of our favorite theories on how The Unburnt will go up in flames in Thrones’ last chapter, finally taking her rightful place as the series’ Biggest Bad.

Jon betrays Dany thanks to the Azor Ahai prophecy


Long-time Melisandre stans are still waiting on The Prince That Was Promised to do whatever it is he was promising. In the series’ final episode, that moment could finally come.

The full history behind this bit of Thrones lore is markedly complex, and has yet to be resolved in the books. In the simplest of terms and as it applies here: If Jon Snow is in fact Azor Ahai come again as Melisandre believed, then to fulfill The Legend of Lightbringer he will have to do a number of things — not the least of which involves making an ominous sacrifice.

That sacrifice could very well involve killing the woman he loves for the good of the realm and taking his rightful place as King. But whether or not Jon has the guts to take on the title of Queenslayer remains to be seen.

However, if that Lord of Light prophesy is to be resolved during the series’ run, then it has to happen during the finale, and it might as well happen to Jon.

Tyrion makes an executive decision


The Queen’s Hand has had a rough go of it since taking on the job in Season 6 — and while he’s not mad (just disappointed) it could be time for Tyrion to take matters into his own hands.

After watching Dany murder his friend Varys, both of his siblings, and thousands of innocents in Episode 5, Tyrion has all the motivation needed to commit treason against the once promising Targaryen Queen. But how would he do it?

While we’re rooting for a cross-bow on the toilet situation à la Tywin Lannister, it is far more likely that Tyrion would conspire with other dissenters to assassinate Dany. We could see Brienne, Podrick, Tormund, Sam, really any surviving character offering to help out at this point. Seriously, she messed up.

House Stark takes the Iron Throne


With a disproportionate amount of the remaining cast hailing from House Stark, it’s not too late to place one of these northerners on the Iron Throne — and consequently, on Team «Let’s Murder the New Queen.»

Arya and Sansa have more than a few reasons to want Dany dead, and Bran (aka ruler of all that is weird, but generally reasonable) likely also sees the major threat she poses to The Seven Kingdoms.

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«Game Of Thrones» Stars Are Bidding Farewell To Their Characters And It’s A Lot To Take In


Game Of Thrones» Stars Are Bidding Farewell To Their Characters And It’s A Lot To Take In

«I love you, ya big weirdo.»

If you’re reading this, then I probably already know two things about you:

1) You’re a Game of Thrones fan.

2) You’ve been on edge for the past five weeks, anxiously trying to figure out everything that has happened and everything that will happen during the final season.

Don’t worry, we’re in this together, but can we all agree episode five left us all feeling a plethora of emotions, like misery, confusion, and anger, just to name a few?

King’s Landing wasn’t ready for the destruction and bloodshed that came its way, and honestly, neither was I.


We lost Cersei and Jaime Lannister, who were crushed to death in each other’s arms as the castle crumbled to the ground.


Euron Greyjoy, who died in an one-on-one fight with Jaime.


And The Hound also died alongside his brother, The Mountain, when they fought in their long overdue battle, known as the Cleganebowl.


So, this was me by the end of the episode:


But you know what’s managed to keep me sane throughout it all? Seeing these touching tributes they shared about the fallen characters from Episode Five:

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau reminisced about the emotional roller coaster he rode with his on-screen lover and twin sister, Lena Headey…

…which warmed her heart.

And like Nikolaj, Lena used humor in her tribute message to him:

Pilou Asbaek had the best time working with Nikolaj, even if Nikolaj caused his demise.

Instagram: @undefined

And for the woman he risked it all for, Pilou was nothing but grateful.

Instagram: @undefined

With one episode left in the series and more bloodshed to come, it’s nice to see the cast in good spirits.




Esta semana comenzó la 72 edición del Festival de Cine de Cannes. A este magno evento acuden los artistas más reconocidos de la industria y además, por la alfombra roja desfilan las celebridades más hot del momento, y por supuesto, este año no fue la excepción. Los looks que los famosos usan en la red carpet siempre van de la mano con lo que está sucediendo en nuestra sociedad, además también es un buen pretexto para llevar las últimas tendencias. El año pasado los power suits y el color negro se apoderaron de la red carpet en honor al movimiento #TimesUp y hace tres años, los naked dress y las aplicaciones fueron el highlight.

Hasta el momento no hay ningún trend que sobresalga, sin embargo, ya tenemos nuestra lista de las mejor vestidas del primer día:

Selena Gomez en Louis Vuitton y joyería Bvlgari

Selena Gomez

La actriz triunfó en su regreso a las red carpets enfundada en look de dos piezas color crema firmado por la maison parisina. Para su beauty look optó por un updo pulido, labios rojos, cat eye y shimmer en los párpados.

Tilda Swinton en Haider Ackerman

Tilda Swinton

La actriz optó por un vestido de manga larga pleateado con lentejuelas. Complementó su look con un make up natural y labios rosas.

Alessandra Ambrosio en Ralph & Russo

Alessandra Ambrosio

La modelo lució un vestido transparente de un solo hombro y una apertura lateral que dejaba al descubierto su pierna izquierda.

Chloe Sevigny y joyería Chopard


La actriz usó un vestido negro strapless que dejaba al descubierto una parte de su top rosado. Complementó su look con una foulard que se convertía en guantes.

Elle Fanning en Gucci y joyería Chopard

Elle Fanning

La joven actriz que forma parte del jurado del Festival usó un vestido de seda con una flar en el abdomen y una capa enorme que se robó las miradas en la red carpet.


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