»Blow that smoke» el nuevo tema de Major Lazer y Tove Lo

El grupo jamaiquino Major Lazer no descansa sigue escalando a los más altos puestos de popularidad con su música, pues la agrupación se hizo mundialmente famosa cuando lanzaron su tema “Lean On” junto a la cantante danesa y desde entonces han sido de las agrupaciones más famosas del momento, colaborando con estrellas como J Balvin, Dj Snake, y Camila Cabello.

Major Lazer regresa renovado

El video se conforma de un estilo muy colorido, al estilo de Jamaica, rodeado de personajes animados con una pista muy activa, y ritmos muy agradables.

Aun no se sabe si “Love that smoke” formará parte del próximo álbum de algunos de los artistas o si solo se trata de un tema promocional.

Aquí te dejamos el video:

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Ariana Grande Breaks Up With Pete Davidson After This


La noticia del rompimiento del compromiso entre Ariana Grande y Pete Davidson ha tenido reacciones muy divididas. Ayer 14 de octubre de 2018 se dio a conocer a través de TMZ que Ariana Grande y Pete Davidson habían terminado, pero ¿por qué cortaron? Los rumores indican que tuvo que ver indirectamente con la muerte del ex novio de Ariana Grande, Mac Miller. Rumores decían que los celos provocaron este escándalo entre Ariana Grandey Pete Davidson, la pareja más querida de Instagram (y Hollywood). Sin embargo, parece ser que se trataba de asuntos del corazoncito de Ariana Grande.

Según reporta el sitio de gossip TMZ, Ariana Grande y Pete Davidson han decidido romper su compromiso porque Ariana Grande se dio cuenta de que todavía estaba emocionalmente vulnerable por la muerte de su ex novio Mac Miller, quien perdió la vida debido a una sobredosis en septiembre de 2018.TMZ reporta que fuentes cercanas a Ariana Grande y Pete Davidson han dicho que Ariana se encontraba en un lugar oscuro (emocionalmente) después de la sobredosis de su ex novio. A pesar de que Ariana no se culpó a sí misma, siente que falló en hacer lo posible por que Mac Miller se mantuviera sobrio cuando aún estaban juntos, pero falló en hacerlo y eso la dejó echa un desastre emocional.

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Jonas Blue Announces Debut LP ‘Blue’ Featuring Liam Payne, Joe Jonas & RAYE


At this point, Jonas Blue’s debut album is basically a greatest hits collection. The UK producer revealed the watery cover of Blue(due November 9) earlier today along with the hit-filled tracklist. As expected, the 29-year-old’s breakout hit “Fast Car” is there as well as streaming giants like “Perfect Strangers,” “Mama” and “By Your Side.” The album also contains “Rise,” the in-demand DJ’s recent smash with Jack & Jack, and “Polaroid” — his new collaboration with Liam Payne and Lennon Stella. In fact, every song on the album has a feature and the lineup of talent is tantalizing. Joe Jonas lends his voice to “I See Love,” while “BonBon” hitmaker Era Istrefi voices “Purpose.” Other featured artists include Zak Abel, Nina Nesbitt, TINI, Jessie Reyez, Charlotte OC, Juan Magan and Kaskade. Check out the full tracklist below and pre-order the album here. Make sure you also get familiar with “Polaroid” at the bottom of the post, before it blows up on pop radio. This is going to be a big song!

Jonas Blue’s Blue tracklist:

1. Drink To You (feat. Zak Abel)

2. Mama (feat. William Singe)

3. Perfect Strangers (feat. JP Cooper)

4. I See Love (feat. Joe Jonas)

5. Polaroid (feat. Liam Payne & Lennon Stella)

6. Desperate (feat. Nina Nesbitt)

7. By Your Side (feat. RAYE)

8. Wild (feat. Chelcee Grimes, TINI & Jhay Cortez)

9. Wherever You Go (feat. Jessie Reyez & Juan Magan)

10. Purpose (feat. Era Istrefi)

11. Rise (feat. Jack & Jack)

12. Supernova (feat. Charlotte OC & Dark Heart)

13. We Could Go Back (feat. Moelogo)

14. Come Through (feat. Kaskade & Olivia Noelle)

15. Fast Car (feat. Dakota)

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Bad Bunny Teams Up With Drake For Reggaeton Banger, “Mia”

Bad Bunny has well and truly arrived! The Puerto Rican superstar, who topped the Billboard Hot 100 with a feature on Cardi B’s“I Like It,” teams up with Drake for a new single called “Mia.” And it’s going to be absolutely huge. A hip-swinging reggaeton banger with an instantly catchy chorus, this has all the ingredients for a crossover smash. It also boasts a relaxed street party-themed video, which finds Drizzy emoting by a car and playing a game of dominoes with his new group of friends.

Impressively, Drake sings his part in Spanish and there isn’t the obligatory English-language verse to make the song more appealing to radio programmers. Not that it’s going to need much help. “Mia” is already soaring up iTunes (number 12 and rising fast) and is destined to rack up huge streaming numbers. Throw in Bad Bunny’s popularity on YouTube (the video for “Mayores” has a whopping 1.3 billions views) and the track is all but assured of being a chart monster. Check out the future smash up top.

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Madonna & Cardi B Hop On Quavo’s “Champagne Rosé

Madonna is hard at work crafting a new studio album. However, the Queen of Pop isn’t leaving us high and dry while we patiently await her glorious return. Instead, she has decided to grace us with a surprising collaboration. Late last night (October 11), the “Hold Tight”siren hopped on a track for Quavo’s debut solo album, QUAVO HUNCHO. The LP gives the Migos rapper an opportunity to flex his creativity in new ways. And it also boasts a star-studded group of collaborators including the likes of Drake, Normani and Cardi B. Unsurprisingly, Madge’s contribution is an absolute highlight.

The living legend and Cardi lend their voices to “Champagne Rosé,” and they undeniably steal the show. “Drink me up, Champagne Rosé. It’s my game,” Madonna chants over frosty beats on the catchy-as-all-hell chorus. Please note her iconic pronunciation. She takes center stage on a verse as well “It’s my game. Please let me entertain you. Get inside your vein, too. Intoxicate your brain,” she coos. It is definitely an unexpected moment from the icon. However, it worms its way in your head. Meanwhile Cardi’s verse is all sorts of shady.

“They say my time is ticking. These hoes is optimistic. Somebody told you not to fuck with me. I would listen,” the “I Like It” rapper cryptically warns. “I don’t do number two. That’s the type of shit I’m on,” she adds. Many are taking this as a dig at Nicki Minaj who debuted at the number 2 spot on the Billboard 200 earlier this year. The pair have some serious beef that recently culminated in a near-fight during New York Fashion Week, and this is going to escalate things.

It may not be “Beautiful Game,” but I can’t help being obsessed with Madonna’s latest experiment. Give the LP a spin here and press play on Madonna’s catchy contribution below.

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The #1 Thing I’d Tell Meghan Markle About Pregnancy


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Guys!!! Did you read this morning that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expecting a baby? I’m usually not a big celebrity/royal/etc follower, but somehow I just love them. As her pretend friend from afar, here’s the one thing I’d tell her about pregnancy…

“Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very pleased to announce that the Duchess of Sussex is expecting a baby in the Spring of 2019,” Kensington Palace said on Twitter. “Their Royal Highnesses have appreciated all of the support they have received from people around the world since their wedding in May and are delighted to be able to share this happy news with the public.” Whoot whoot!

Plus, let’s chat about a few other fun things…

Prince Harry as a baby

Who do you think the baby will look like? Here’s scampy Harry…

Meghan Markle as a baby

…and Meghan. Those curls!

What do you think she’ll crave? Apparently, when Kate Middleton was pregnant with her third, she sent Prince William to grab a jar of pickles for her and asked that they be cut into thin slices and served on very toasty toast. Personally, I was obsessed with Cheerios. I’d wake up at 3 a.m., devour a giant bowl, and then climb back into bed.

Harry and Meghan’s baby will be seventh in line to the throne when he or she is born next spring. After Queen Elizabeth, the heirs are:
1. Price Charles
2. Price William
3. George
4. Charlotte
5. Louis
6. Prince Harry
7. Harry and Meghan’s baby

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

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Este podría ser el destino de las Gemas del Infinito en ‘Avengers 4’


Teorías de Avengers 4 surgen todos los días. Cada fan muestra sus argumentos y ya es cuestión del público si desea creer que la propuesta es factible. Ya hemos hablado mucho sobre los viajes en el tiempo que podrían ocurrir en la próxima película, sin embargo, la teoría que te contaremos a continuación se enfoca más en las Gemas del Infinito y cómo los héroes pueden aprovechar su poder para revertir los hechos causados por Thanos. También es importante mencionar que el contenido se relaciona con una historieta que se publicó este mismo año.

Spoilers a continuación.
Existen diversas formar de obtener y aprovechar el poder de las Gemas del Infinito

¿Qué pasaría si los superhéroes tomaran el poder de las Gemas del Infinito y las combinaran para derrotar al villano?  Un usuario de Reddit publicóuna teoría que nos acerca a ese cuestionamiento. La teoría da por hecho que los héroes lograrán tener el control de las piedras en algún momento de la película. Antes de continuar es necesario explicar algunos detalles interesantes para poder comprender mejor.

Hay diferentes formas de aprovechar el poder de las piedras: la primera es por medio de algún artefacto, tales como el cetro de Hydra o el mismo Guantelete del Infinito. Después tenemos el uso directo de la gema como lo hacía Vision. Ahora bien, también es posible cerrar un pacto con la gema para poder aprovechar todas sus posibilidades. Sólo hay dos personajes que han realizado algún tipo de pacto con las gemas:

  • Thanos: sacrificó a Gamora en Infinity War para obtener el poder de la Gema del Alma.
  • Agamotto: tuvo el poder de la Gema del Tiempo pero a cambio debía mantener el equilibrio del mismo.
Una vez que los héroes recuperen las gemas, varios de ellos tendrán un pacto con las mismas que les permitirá aprovechar todas sus posibilidades. De esta forma, en equipo podrían crear una especie de «Guantelete del Infinito humano» para revertir el chasquido de Thanos y resucitar a la mitad del universo. Para lograrlo se requiere una gran cantidad de energía, pero Capitana Marvel ayudaría a hacerlo realidad gracias a su grandes poderes. De acuerdo a la teoría esta será la repartición de las Gemas del Infinito, incluyendo los motivos por los que cada personaje la podrá poseer:
  • Gema del Poder: Hulk, por el dominio que tendrá Bruce Banner sobre su transformación.
  • Gema del Espacio: Ant-Man, por su profunda comprensión del espacio y sus posibilidades.
  • Gema del Tiempo: Capitana Marvel, por su larga desaparición y la anomalía temporal que vivirá.
  • Gema de la Mente: Thor, pues se convertiría en un Rey sabio como lo fue su padre.
  • Gema de la Realidad: Iron Man, por ser el superhéroe que no tiene poderes «mágicos»

El problema viene con el pacto de la Gema del Alma, pues es necesario realizar un sacrificio. Capitán América deberá decidir entre aniquilar al resto del universo o sacrificar a su único amigo, Tony Stark. Claro, el soldado verá en favor del universo y Iron Man sería el superhéroe que morirá en Avengers 4. Esto generaría una profunda tristeza en Steve Rodgers, quien finalmente abandonaría su papel como el Capitán América. Recordemos que ayer mismo Chris Evans confirmó que Avengers 4 será su última película interpretando al personaje.

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A Star Is Born” Has Solved Lady Gaga’s Musical Identity Crisis


The process of translating pop stardom into cinematic success is a delicate, even dangerous, undertaking. Madonna never got it quite right; Mariah Carey became a laughingstock when she tried it; Beyoncé, Britney, and Christina didn’t get very far with it. But Lady Gaga, an established pop diva playing a fledgling one in the latest remake of the show-business love story A Star Is Born, seems to have successfully made the leap.

Lady Gaga’s performance as Ally is already getting rave reviews and even Oscar buzz. The movie’s theme song, “Shallow,” her duet with onscreen love interest (and the film’s director) Bradley Cooper, has been rising on the charts since it was released last Friday, now joined by the full soundtrack album. Gaga, consequently, is now a bigger star than ever; she’s dominating the zeitgeist again to an extent that feels reminiscent of her early, iconic meat dress era.

Cooper’s A Star Is Born is based on the well-worn story about a woman performer’s rise alongside her lover’s decline, already told in the original 1937 film starring Janet Gaynor and revised twice — first in the 1954 Judy-Garland-as-film-star remake, and, most recently, in Barbra Streisand’s 1976 rock star update. It has always been, as Rachel Syme writes in her recent interview with Gaga for the New York Times Magazine, not only a romance or a tale of stardom, but also “a film about an already superfamous woman shooting a movie.” The movies are designed to work with the existing images of their stars.

Gaga is the kind of complex, multifaceted star the movie doesn’t quite know how to portray — but through the force of her talent, we believe in Ally’s stardom anyway.
Cooper was moved to cast Gaga after he first heard her sing live when she performed “La Vie En Rose”during a private benefit concert; there is also footage of him giving her a standing ovationduring her famous Sound of Music performance at the Oscars in 2015. Both he and Gaga have said that the movie was then built around their behind-the-scenes relationship. Cooper’s script incorporated Gaga’s Italian American heritage (a background they share), and the music her character sings seems to channel Gaga personas from two of her most recent eras: Gaga circa Cheek to Cheek, her 2014 jazz duets project with Tony Bennett, and Gaga circa Joanne, her 2016 retro rock album, which never quite clicked in a contemporary pop landscape dominated by hip-hop. In the imagined world of the movie, however, her Joanne-like persona launches her to stardom almost literally overnight.

Like Kris Kristofferson in Streisand’s version, Cooper’s Jackson Maine is supposed to be an old-school arena rock star of a kind that no longer exists. (The character was inspired, in part, by Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, though the songs were produced or written by Gaga’s usual collaborators, Mark Ronson and Lukas Nelson.) Meanwhile, Gaga as Ally first finds fame through performing a rock ballad with Jackson before going down a pop path — almost a reversal of her real-life career. That contrast provides a powerful subtext for Gaga’s performance, and helps explain why it is helping her connect with mainstream audiences again.

It is no accident that this latest A Star Is Born is especially influenced by the Streisand version, and the script traffics in some ’70s-style gendered binaries: of rock versus pop; authenticity versus artifice. The world Cooper and Gaga create in the movie is an old-fashioned one, where rock can still make you famous, and where belting ballads alone at a piano is somehow more legitimate than taking the stage as a spectacular, fully choreographed pop diva. Gaga’s Joanne-era experiments with retro Americana failed to break through in the real-life pop mainstream, but the imagined world of A Star Is Bornoffers a kind of second chance for her to connect with audiences in that mode; we can now see her abilities in a different light. And while the film is not all that interested in Ally’s artistic vision or desires outside of Jackson’s ideas about her, it still loves (and revolves around) Gaga’s talent as a songwriter and performer.

The two stars, real and fictional, are linked in an interesting symbiotic relationship; Gaga is the kind of complex, multifaceted pop artist the movie doesn’t quite know how to portray — but through the force of her talent, we believe in Ally’s stardom anyway. And in playing this role, Gaga has been able to remind everyone what’s she capable of, and proven that her own star is still rising.

Lady Gaga in 2009.

Stephen Lovekin / FilmMagic

Lady Gaga in 2009.

After blowing up in 2009 with the release of The Fame Monster, Gaga quickly became one of the biggest pop stars in the world. Her hits, including “Paparazzi,” “Poker Face,” and “Telephone,” were accessible dance-pop songs that also offered commentaries on fame and gender, ideas more explicitly brought out in her bold, inventive visuals. She was a self-described “freak,” as she sings in “Bad Romance,” an outsider, a “mother monster” for her fanbase, often coded as queer, which gave her a subcultural cachet that carried through her Born This Way era.

Gaga’s third album, Artpop, was widely considered a flop compared to her previous success. As she started to lose her commercial grip, Gaga got off the pop escalator in 2014 with Cheek to Cheek, an ultimately successful venture that showcased her musical versatility and introduced her to new, older audiences. In the interim, pop was becoming more specifically personal, and the personal was political. Beyoncé, for instance, turned to intimate lyrics about love and infidelity that became statements about black womanhood and captivated the zeitgeist. Gaga returned with a proper studio album, Joanne, in 2016, announcing she was stripping down and presenting the “real” her behind the meat dresses and wigs.

The album’s turn to the personal was inspired by her family history and a late aunt, but the connection didn’t quite work. Gaga’s celebrity narrative was always about a kind of universality in difference — everyone can be a star; identity is always mutable. Suddenly confronted with the need to go specific and intimate, she turned to nostalgic Americana; the album’s sound aimed to evoke authenticity through a rather conventional turn to the musical past, specifically ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s rock idioms.

The Joanne narrative didn’t have the cultural resonance of Gaga’s earlier, more deliberately strange and provocative commentaries on fame — which started to look quaint in the reality television era — or her use of queerness as a metaphor for outsiderness. Gaga also struggled to find a place for the album’s songs in contemporary radio and culture, in part because the idea of rock as the popular genre for political commentary or singer-songwriter depth has long lost cultural capital — exactly the shift that makes Cooper’s Jackson Maine, in A Star Is Born, feel transported in from another era.

Still, the record’s mythology was embraced by Gaga’s fanbase, and it eventually went platinum. The ballad “Million Reasons” revived the album and ended up a top 5 hit, after she presented it as a minimalist piano moment in her hit-centric retrospective Super Bowl show last year. The public responded to that kind of unvarnished performance — and that’s the kind of performance A Star Is Born believes in. The film rewards Ally, Gaga’s character in the movie, for the supposed sincerity and depth of performing with no frills. The celebration of “authenticity” as nonspectacular is the kind of gendered conventional wisdom about pop music that Gaga’s early career was a statement against.

But the film makes Ally’s raw vocal performances central to her charisma. Through Ally and the world of the film, Gaga has reclaimed her recent retro phases for a pop audience, and created yet another iteration of her real-life career — this time, as a movie star.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born.

Clay Enos / Warner Bros.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born.

During the first half of the film, as Jackson falls for Ally, the audience falls for her too. Maine first lays eyes on Ally as she’s performing a version of “La Vie En Rose” in a drag bar. The setting was Gaga’s idea, and it becomes an effective way of infusing the movie with the queer subcultural cachet she became famous for earlier in her career.

Ally finds herself as an artist as she falls in love with Maine, and she just happens to write songs in a style that fits his aesthetic. One of the film’s early emotional climaxes comes when Maine invites Ally onto the stage to sing a song she wrote inspired by their romance, a duet called “Shallow.” The powerful rock ballad, which Gaga wrote, sounds like a mash-up of “Million Reasons” and the nostalgic title song from Joanne, and has become the movie’s memeable anthem, with over 14 million views on YouTube already.

The song in many ways encapsulates the film’s themes, and the characters’ visions of each other. In her own lyrics, Ally wants to assuage the male character in his vulnerability. “Ain’t it hard keeping it so hardcore?” she asks. Jackson’s opening lyrics, “Tell me something, girl / Are you happy in this modern world?” are a kind of projection of nostalgia and feminine innocence onto her, a vision that pervades the movie.

A scene from A Star Is Born.

Neal Preston / Warner Bros.

A scene from A Star Is Born.

Once Ally is launched by the song going viral on YouTube, we never get a real sense of her perspective on her own music. Before performing “Shallow” together, which launches her to stardom, Ally talks to Maine about how record executives have told her that she’s not pretty, and his love of her “ethnic” nose becomes part of their personal connection. These are all things we recognize from real-life Gaga’s struggles, ones she has spoken about throughout her career. But after her star begins to rise, and she begins writing and performing pop songs, how Ally works this out through her music and image isn’t actually part of the film’s story.

This is decidedly not a pop-star narrative from a woman’s perspective like, for instance, Gina Prince-Bythewood’s Beyond the Lights or Brady Corbet’s Vox Lux, starring Natalie Portman (in which the main character was actually inspired by Lady Gaga). Paradoxically, there is no space in the film’s world for provocative, meta–pop star Gaga. Even the name Ally, which is also the name of the character’s self-titled album, evokes the more straightforward stardom of someone like early Britney.

We know Gaga wrote this song, and that in her own career she’s never played the supporting role to anyone.

As Ally prepares to release her debut album, Maine is constantly warning her that she has to dig deep within her soul if she wants to succeed, as if she’s not already doing that. There are some allusions to Ally not wanting to “sell out” — she refuses to dye her hair platinum blonde (instead she goes for a violent orange, as if in a sort of compromise) or to perform with coordinated backup dancers — but the movie never really embraces her pop music. The two pop songs we hear, one with ass-centric lyrics that Jackson mocks, are the least memorable songs in the movie. But more importantly, they don’t get a big “Shallow”-style moment where both the audience of the film and the audience in the film’s world are meant to fall in love with them.

In the final scene, after Maine’s death, Gaga reemerges, in a demure strapless gown, with her original light brown hair, to sing an old-school ’90s, Whitney-style ballad, “I’ll Never Love Again.” She belts out the last song he wrote for her, in an homage to Maine, her vision now fully enmeshed with his. After having transformed into a bedazzled jumpsuit–wearing pop star, she seems to have gone back to a more “real” version of herself — the natural hair color, the ballad, the tasteful dress. And this is the other moment in the movie, where, as during “Shallow,” we are entranced with the full power of Gaga as a performance artist.

Even as she’s playing the role of the supportive, mourning wife, we know Gaga wrote this song, and that in her own career she’s never played the supporting role to anyone. In the final moments of the concert scene, Ally stares directly at the audience, and we see the complex interplay of all the layers of this performance: Stefani Germanotta, who has transformed herself into Lady Gaga, playing Ally, who is singing to the crowd, as we — sitting in the theater — witness all of it. Knowing that this is yet another incarnation of the performance art project known as Lady Gaga, we are able to suspend any disbelief or doubt we might feel toward Ally, and see her as a more complex star than the one who’s written on the page.

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Benefit concert celebrating Mac Miller featuring Travis Scott, Chance The Rapper, and more announced


A benefit concert celebrating the life of Mac Miller has been announced for later this month. The rapper was found dead in his San Fernando Valley home last month (September 7). No cause of death has been confirmed at present but it is believed he died from a suspected overdose. He was 26 years old.

On October 31, artists will come together and perform at Los Angeles’ Greek Theatre in remembrance of Miller. Travis Scott, Chance The Rapper, SZA, Vince Staples, Action Bronson, Earl Sweatshirt, John Mayer, and more have been confirmed to appear at present. You can see the full line-up so far below.

The concert will also mark the launch of the Mac Miller Circles Fund (MMCF). In a statement, Miller’s mother Karen Meyers said: “The support we’ve experienced is evident in this amazing lineup and is a testament to Malcolm’s incredible life.

“He was a caring, loving human with a smile that could light up the sky and a soul that was out to make the world a kinder place and the MMCF will continue to do just that.”