Demi Lovato Reveals ¨Sorry Not Sorry¨ Video Was Inspired By Snoop Dogg Smoking Pot in Her House


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Lovato also played the Best Friend Challenge with Fallon during her ‘Tonight Show’ visit.

Demi Lovato stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in New York City Monday (Sept. 18) to perform her new smash single «Sorry Not Sorry.» The party-themed video for the sassy track (which has more than 125 million YouTube views) was inspired by a house party she had on June 29, as explained in the beginning of the clip. But that party probably wouldn’t have been so visually inspiring if it weren’t for Snoop Dogg, who basically hotboxed Lovato’s home with the likes of Wiz Khalifa and more.

«It was a music video, but it was inspired by a house party that I had,» Lovato explained. «One day I was like, ‘I want to have people over.’ I had just gone through a break-up, I was like, ‘I’m newly single. I want to meet people’ I called my friend Dave-O, and I was like, ‘Dave-O, just invited people over.’ He was like, ‘OK.’

As she wanted, Dave-O invited people over. «All of a sudden, a couple hours later, Snoop Dogg was there … French Montana was there, and Ty Dolla $ign and Wiz Khalifa,» Lovato continued. «And all these people were there, and I was like, ‘Wait a second, I just wanted to have like a couple people over to hang out.’ And all of a sudden, my house was filled with pot smoke everywhere. … I was like, ‘No smoking inside! Get out! Get out!'»

«Snoop Dogg,» Fallon interjected, «he has to. That’s how he breathes.»

«I was going to tell Snoop not to smoke in my house,» Lovato added. «So, I was like, ‘OK, Snoop, do what you want.’ And then my chef came in the next morning and was like, ‘Smells like Snoop Dogg was here.’ And I was like, ‘No, he literally was!'»

Lovato also played Best Friends Challenge with Fallon, where they each had to try and correctly answer questions about each other. Previously, Fallon has played this game with Tina Fey and (his actual best friend) Justin Timberlake.

Among the questions was, «If we were going to binge-watch a TV show together, what show would we pick?» Lovato answered, «The Walking Dead,» while Fallon said, «Riverdale.» They didn’t match on any of the answers, but their BFF banter was plenty entertaining.

Watch the Best Friends Challenge and «Sorry Not Sorry» performance below.


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Zedd, Liam Payne Drop Guerilla-Style Video For ‘Get Low’


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Zedd and Liam Payne take their hit single “Get Low” to the streets of London for the official music video for their collabo track. The pair are joined by a small troupe of dancers as they surprise fans with pop-up performances in the guerilla style clip that dropped on Tuesday (Sept. 19).

Zedd and Payne were as much of an attraction to passerby as their chosen locations, with Trafalgar Square, Oxford Street, and Convent Garden setting the scene for the infectious dance number. In more candid shots, the troupe can be seen teaching the dance to the growing crowd, letting them join in on the fun.

The track cuts away a few times towards the end to the crowd shout-singing along to the chorus as they walk down the street behind the performers. If you didn’t want to get up and get low with this summer jam before, you’ll want to hop on the Zedd-Payne parade by the end of the four minute video.

Watch it below, and catch Zedd on his Echo Tour in North America this fall. Find the full list of tour dates and purchase tickets here.


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Rita Ora Covers Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” For BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge


Rita Ora dropped by BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge to belt out her current single, “Your Song,” and delivered an accomplished performance (below). However, that wasn’t the highlight. All guests are required to sing a cover, which is usually a stripped-back rendition of whatever happens to be big at radio. The 26-year-old, on the other hand, dusted off Madonna’s seminal ’80s classic “Like A Virgin.” Not only that, but she mashed it up with Travis Scott’s “Goosebumps” to give it a more contemporary feel.

I usually feel uneasy when younger artists cover Madonna. It’s impossible to improve on the original, so why even try? But it’s slightly different in Rita’s case. She already has the Queen of Pop’s approval as one of the faces of the Material Girl fashion line and, if anyone can pull off a shameless grab for attention like “Like A Virgin,” it’s Rita. Stunt queen antics course through her veins like blood. Watch the Brit in action up top and below.

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