Is Kanye West Furious Over JAY-Z’s Diss In‘4:44’?: “They May Never Be Close Again”


Kanye West is a pretty headstrong guy, so we wouldn’t be surprised if JAY-Z dissing him on his new song ‘4:44’ threw Kanye into a rage. A source tells exclusively if ‘Ye could ever forgive the rapper, here.

JAY-Z, 47, got pretty personal rapping about his old friend Kanye West, 40, in the title track of his new album, “4:44.” He didn’t hold back at all, calling Yeezy “insane,” and revealing that he gave him $20 million. Kanye has been known to snap when people question him, so how is he feeling about the diss? Apparently, he was always expecting it. See pics of Kanye, here.

Kanye and Jay are like an old married couple they fight so much,” an insider tells exclusively. “They are two super strong polarizing personalities who don’t take s*** from anyone, so when you put them together it can be explosive.” See, Ye and Jay have ALWAYS had a tumultuous relationship because they’re both so headstrong. This is nothing new. “They have made great music together, and they have had brutal fall outs.”

At this point, Kanye is analyzing everything in the past year, from his public diss of Jay to Jay’s lack of response to Kim Kardashian’s robbery and Yeezy’s breakdown, and he still has some scores to settle. “Kanye knows he hurt Jay last year but he also feels like he had a right to be upset since Jay didn’t really show much compassion after Kim was robbed,” said the source. “He expected Jay to clap back so he’s not shocked or furious.”

Does that mean they’re okay? “They’re definitely NOT all good by any means and have a ways to go before they get there,” the insider continued. “In fact they may never really be that close again. But Kanye would like Jay to take accountability for his part in their issues. It hasn’t all been Kanye‘s fault as Jay played a part in their problems as well.” Hopefully now that JAY-Z has gotten the anger out of his system, they can finally put this weirdness behind them.

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Kylie Jenner Erases All Her Memories Of Tyga And She Re-Inks Her ‘T’ Ankle Tattoo To ‘LA’



Kylie Jenner wants to erase all her memories of Tyga from her life, and this also includes her tattoos. She wants to get rid of the T ankle tattoo that she got in his honor.

The star of Keeping Up With the Kardashians took some time off from her busy schedule, and she jetted across the U.K. just to in time to experience the summer days in London.

The fashion mogul was spotted with her boyfriend, Travis Scott, as they were spending a dinner date night at Nobu in Berkeley Square.

The couple kept things very low key during their romantic date night as they chose to coordinate their outfits with matching colors.

The Life Of Kylie star rocked a pair of burgundy leather trousers matched with a cream loose-fitting shirt.

She also completed her look with a pair of white tennis shoes and a leather bag.

On the other hand, the 25-year-old rapper wore a pair of black jeans which he paired with a gray shirt.

He also matched Kylie’s cream and burgundy theme with his vintage leather jacket.

The thing that caught everyone’s attention was the fact that she re-inked her ankle tattoo.

In a side-by-side photo comparison from the Daily Mail, the model is seen flaunting an ankle tattoo with the letters ‘la’.

The small ankle tattoo used to be a single letter “t,” which was reportedly dedicated to Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriend, Tyga.

She got her little black ‘t’ ankle tattoo on New Year’s Eve back in 2016 to honor her ex-man Tyga who she has been going out with since 2014 before they broke up for good this year.

Now she finally managed to move on with Travis Scott, and people are wondering what she will do with Tyga’s initials from her skin.

A source knows more about all this and a while ago stated the following:

‘She’s not planning on erasing her Tyga tattoo. She wants to cover it up with a new design at some point in the future.’

Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott got a matching butterfly tattoo. Both of them took to Snapchat and showed off an identical small butterfly inked on their ankles.

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Liam Payne Features On Zedd’s New Single “Get Low”


Zedd teams up with Liam Payne for new single, “Get Low.” The German DJ/producer unveiled the very-pink cover art on Instagram and revealed the song’s July 6 release date. He had previously spoken about the track with Brazilian pop culture blog Capricho, saying: “To be honest, we met a little while ago and we did a song, not knowing if it would be for him or me, we just wanted to make music together.” It turns out the song was for him, becoming the official follow-up to top 10 smash “Stay.”

As for Liam, he’s still in full promo mode for “Strip That Down.” After a slow start, the Quavo-featuring bop has gained momentum at radio and is a streaming hit on Spotify. Penned by Ed Sheeran, the track has also crept up the charts — reaching a new peak of 34 on the Billboard Hot 100. It should soar a lot higher by the end of the summer. “It was such an edgy, different song for me to do,” the 23-year-old tells Billboard of his solo debut. “With [that 1D lyric] in it as well, and the way that was written. It was quite an experience.”

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