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Alden Ehrenreich cuenta su proceso de audición para Han Solo.

Alden Ehrenreich, Interview

Steven Klein/Interview

Alden Ehrenreich is living the dream—literally.

«I remember pretending to be the characters in the movies when I was a little kid. The last three movies I’ve done, I played a cowboy, then I played a soldier, and now I play Han Solo,» the actor recalls in the November issue of Interview. «So the little kid in me is having a real joyride.»

Ehrenreich has been working steadily for years, but playing Han Solo is his biggest—and most daunting—role to date. The Star Wars character’s origin story, which co-stars Donald Glover as the smug smuggler Lando Calrissian, is slated for theatrical release on May 25, 2018.

Alden Ehrenreich, Interview

Steven Klein/Interview

Long before he won the role originally played by Harrison Ford, thousands of actors tested for directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. «I had an audition process that went on for a long time, and I got to spend a lot of time with the guys who are directing the film. Getting to be around them and being around the world a little bit has been the main experience so far,» Ehrenreich shared. «I did my audition on the Millennium Falcon for one of my screen tests, which was pretty cool.»

But «pretty cool» doesn’t even begin to describe it.

When Ehrenreich shot the 2009 film Tetro, he says, «I remember thinking, ‘Oh, at some point this will end up feeling second nature,’ and it never really does. It’s always a little fantastical.»

For a time, it seemed every young actor in Hollywood was vying to play the iconic character. Charlie Cox and Dave Franco later admitted to bombing their auditions, while other rumored contenders included Taron Egerton, Ansel Elgort, Tom Felton, Logan Lerman, Jack Reynor, Max Thieriot, Miles Teller and Rami Malek. «Whenever you hear somebody else is auditioning for something, you sort of assume they’re going to get it,» Ehrenreich, 26, admits. «You should try to just ignore it. I don’t find it very helpful to know who else is going up for stuff, generally.»

Throughout the audition process, Ehrenreich tried to remain as pragmatic as possible. «I’ve had a couple opportunities where I’ve been on the other side of the audition process as a director, so it’s really reassuring to me that it’s just about who is right for that role and less about if you ace the audition,» the short film director explains. «It’s just about getting to know people, not about who’s a better actor a lot of the time. It’s about who fits that particular suit, you know?»

Ehrenreich was reminded of that after he auditioned to play Harry Osborn in 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Dane DeHaan won the part. «I’ve had that experience many, many, times—when you don’t get roles. I’d developed a good muscle for shaking it off. I buy myself a present whenever I don’t get a role that I really wanted. You get bummed out, and then you go, ‘Oh! Now I get to go buy a present for myself,'» Ehrenreich tells Interview. «That kind of helps.'»

James Corden Makes Niall Horan Choose Between Exes


James Corden, Niall Horan, Isla Fisher, Ewan McGregor, The Late Late Show


James Corden really put the pressure on his guests!

The Late Late Show host played another game of «Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts» with guests Niall Horan, Isla Fisher and Ewan McGregor, in which the players have to answer questions or eat a variety of stomach-churning foods. On the menu Wednesday night was salmon smoothie, beef tongue, bird saliva, herring rollmop, scorpion, fish head, hot sauce and bull penis.Corden’s game wastes no time getting to the good questions, as he first as Naill, «Who is your least favorite member of One Direction?
Horan was ready to answer and «take the hit tomorrow» from the media until his partner, Fisher, said she would prefer to drink the gross smoothie over watching him cause a feud. And so they drank—or at least tried. The smoothie proved to have no viscosity, so they had to spoon it out. Fisher immediately spit it out only to realize she didn’t get rid of it.»And there’s some in the hair to keep for later!» Corden cooed.Then Horan and Fisher had to ask Corden who he’s turned down for Carpool Karaoke, but he and McGregor opted to eat scorpion instead.

The tables again turned on Horan and Fisher, who was asked if her husband, Sacha Baron Cohen, had ever done one of his characters in bed (the alternative was eating beef tongue). «He hasn’t done a character in bed, but he’s had a mustache when he’s been Borat, and he’s had the blond hair,» she confessed. «He’s been in character visually, but I’ve never heard ‘woo woo wee waa.'»A few rounds later, the uneaten beef tongue remained on the table, so Corden asked Horan whom he’d prefer to spend his last night on earth with: ex-girlfriend Ellie Goulding or ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez?»The problem is it’s not really the last night on earth, so tomorrow someone’s going to be upset,» McGregor noted.

To find how whom he chooses (and he does choose someone!), watch the video.


Miley Cyrus Says Her Engagement Ring «Isn’t Really My Aesthetic»



It’s not her usual style, but if the ring fits…Instead of Ellen DeGeneres‘ host chair, Miley Cyrus sat down in the guest seat Thursday to talk The Voice, the election and the ring.»There is a photo that got a lot of attention of your engagement ring,» Ellen began, referring to her diamond sparkler from Liam Hemsworth that she first accepted in 2012. The couple broke off the engagement a year later. «Are you wearing it right now?»

The 23-year-old did have it on and has worn it in photos on Instagram—an initial signal to fans that their broken engagement was suddenly back on after more than two years apart. E! News confirmed in Januarythat their plans to wed had officially resumed.

Miley Cyrus, Ellen DeGeneres, Engagement Ring

Michael Rozman / Warner Bros.

«Congratulations,» Ellen wished the star.»This is really weird because this is like real jewelry and most of my jewelry is made out of gummy bears and cotton candy and they don’t look that good together because they kind of mix up, so sometimes I replace it with an actual unicorn or a Looney tune,» the singer explained.»And he’s kind of like what’s going on? It’s like, well, this isn’t really my aesthetic, but I’ll wear it because you love me.»

It might not be her typical style, but the bauble has serious sentimental value. «The ring is special because Miley and Liam worked on it together,» a source told E! News. «Miley specifically wanted it set in gold. She didn’t want platinum. She liked the gold because it was different and unique, like her. She didn’t want anything classic or generic.»

«He could have saved a lot of money by giving you like a gummy bear ring,» Ellen quipped.
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